Jan 14, 2021

You Have a Story

4 Min Read

You have a story, and I have a story. It’s actually God’s story, the story of how the Lord in His sovereign grace is transforming His people and conforming us to the image of Christ.

One of the greatest privileges I have in my role at Ligonier Ministries is to hear the stories of God’s people like you from around the world. It is a mercy of God that, on this side of heaven, you and I get to see how the Lord is working through His Word and how that Word goes forth through the Ligonier outreaches that friends like you support.

These stories come into the ministry daily. For instance, we received this recent testimony from Bob in Maine:

For years, I doubted my salvation. I started to listen to R.C. about five years ago, and I finally understood the truth of election and assurance of salvation. At last, I know the joy of truly being saved! I can never thank you all enough for teaching me what Christianity really is.

Isn’t that encouraging? And it’s not the only story I have to share. Encouragement from unexpected places shows up too. Just read this note from Slavik:

When I was a church member in a very legalistic church in Ukraine, I was fighting severe depression. But in God’s providence, there was one book that I found in the church library in the basement, and that book was Chosen by God by R.C. Sproul. Thank you. Not only have you transformed my life, but you are transforming the lives of other Christians in Ukraine today.

God is at work, making Himself known. Dr. R.C. Sproul founded this ministry decades ago to help people know what they believe, why they believe it, how to live it, and how to share it. Your support of this gospel work means that Ligonier is able to bring life-giving teaching to more and more people. Thank you.

Now, as we enter our fiftieth year of ministry, we see the global need for the kind of teaching Ligonier provides more clearly than ever. Recent events starkly reveal the hopelessness of so many people in this world. They’re without hope because they’re without Christ and His gospel. Together, we can bring that hope to them and see lives transformed.

As I’ve said, testimonies are pouring in regarding the impact of your support of many worldwide outreaches, including new teaching series, free distribution of the Reformation Study Bible throughout Africa, apologetics training events for young people, prison and military chaplain benevolence, Tabletalk magazine, broadcasts and podcasts such as Renewing Your Mind, translation projects, conferences, Reformation Bible College, online training and discipleship platforms, and so much more. Without question, your generosity provides a lifeline that connects hungry souls to the teaching of Scripture when they cannot otherwise receive it.

Animated by Dr. Sproul’s vision, we’re teaching the same historically rooted truth we’ve always taught while looking for new ways to expand. In this way, Ligonier’s past serves as the blueprint for our shared future. No novel teaching comes from Ligonier—only the unvarnished truth. We seek not to teach anything new but only to find new means of getting God-given truth into the hands of people on every continent.

God has truly expanded the ministry’s reach far more than we could have ever asked or thought. We give thanks to Him and we’re grateful to you, because we know that this often happens because you join us in prayer, making bold requests before the throne of grace.

You have a story to tell, I’m sure. We’d love to hear your testimony of how the Lord has used the ministry of Ligonier in your life as well. We invite you to submit your “Ligonier story” to yourstory@ligonier.org. As you do so, it would help Ligonier spread more trustworthy teaching if you are also able to give a donation. Please prayerfully consider how your kingdom-minded philanthropy could reach more people like you in 2021.

Time is of the essence, because we will be collecting these testimonies and presenting them to Mrs. Vesta Sproul, our cofounder, on what would have been Dr. Sproul’s eighty-second birthday in February. She continues to be very much involved in our work, and we know it will encourage her to see just how much God has continued to use this ministry that began fifty years ago.

Your continued friendship and financial support mean so much to us. Thank you for playing an important role in God’s story for His people.