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  • Columns from Tabletalk Magazine, August 2020

    The August issue of Tabletalk explores the Bible’s teaching on Christian discourse. Read More August 04, 2020 at 05:00 AM | from Nathan W. Bingham

  • Is There a Prayer That God Cannot Hear or Answer?

    Can we bring prayers before the Lord that He cannot answer? From one of our Ask Ligonier events, John MacArthur encourages us to pray according to God’s revealed will in Scripture. Read More August 03, 2020 at 09:30 AM | from Nathan W. Bingham

  • Save 50% on 60+ Teaching Series

    Video teaching series from R.C. Sproul and other gifted teachers help you grow in your faith and apply the truth of God’s Word to every aspect of life. Read More August 03, 2020 at 08:00 AM | from Nathan W. Bingham

  • Don’t Adjust Your Conscience to Fit the Culture

    Most of us are familiar with Martin Luther’s heroic statement at the Diet of Worms when he was called upon to recant. “Unless I am convinced by sacred Scripture, or by evident reason, I cannot recant, for my conscience is held captive by the Word of God, and to act against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.” Read More August 03, 2020 at 07:00 AM | from R.C. Sproul

  • Will You Pray for Awakening? Download Your Free Prayer Guide

    We live in a world that needs awakening. Millions of people do not know Jesus Christ. The church itself needs renewed zeal for the truth, for spiritual growth, and for missions. Scripture reveals how this awakening comes about: by a powerful movement of the Spirit of God. It also tells us that when just two men—Paul and Silas—prayed, the earth itself shook (Acts 16:25–26). So we are dedicating the entire year of 2020 to pray for awakening, and we hope ... Read More August 02, 2020 at 08:00 AM | from Nathan W. Bingham

  • The Three Waves of Pentecostalism

  • What Comfort Does the Doctrine of Providence Bring to Christians during Difficult Times?

  • What Does “World” Mean in John 3:16?

  • $5 Friday (And More): John Knox, the Trinity, & Prayer

  • Salt and Light for the World