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  • In This Day When the Gospel Is Considered Offensive, How Can I Work without Losing My Job?

    What should you do if your employer asks you to do something that’s unbiblical? From one of our live Ask Ligonier events, Sinclair Ferguson considers how to serve the Lord when your workplace is antagonistic to the gospel. Read More January 18, 2019 at 10:00 AM | from Nathan W. Bingham

  • Christians Need Not Fear Scientific Inquiry

    There is a sense in which the Christian should be the most passionate scientist of all because he should be rigorously open to truth wherever it is found. He should not be afraid that a new discovery of something that is true will destroy his foundation for truth. If our foundation for truth is true, all other truth can only support it and enhance it. It can’t destroy it. Therefore, Christians ought not to be afraid of scientific inquiry. This ... Read More January 18, 2019 at 05:00 AM | from R.C. Sproul

  • Grace, Prayer, & the Work of Christ

    It’s time for our weekly $5 Friday sale. This week’s resources include such topics as the work of Christ, Charles Spurgeon, depravity, the atonement, Roman Catholicism, grace, prayer, and more. Read More January 18, 2019 at 12:00 AM | from Nathan W. Bingham

  • The Piety of Dort

    Here’s an excerpt from The Piety of Dort, Joel Beeke’s contribution to the January issue of Tabletalk. Read More January 17, 2019 at 05:00 AM | from Nathan W. Bingham

  • 2019 National Conference: Last Day to Save

    This is the last day to save $60 when you register for our 2019 National Conference. Register by midnight ET to secure your discount. Read More January 16, 2019 at 09:00 AM | from Nathan W. Bingham

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