Millions of people in the United States and around the world have been reached with our English-language resources, but we are now rapidly spreading this teaching globally with many translations in culturally relevant media formats.

Taking Truth to the Nations

Jesus Christ commands His followers to go into all the world and “make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). Motivated by the Great Commission, Ligonier Ministries is sharing discipleship resources globally in print and digital formats. Our desire is to build up growing Christians with trustworthy teaching.

Trusted books, articles, and video teaching series have now been translated or dubbed into 40 languages. We are working in some of the most spoken languages in the world and are responding to requests from churches and publishers in many other languages. Overviews of our work in priority languages can be found below:


Ligonier’s International Outreach is made possible by the generous support of donors. Thank you for helping to proclaim the holiness of God to more and more people around the world.



International Websites

Ligonier has websites developed in several designated languages. Each of these expanding, online libraries makes sound theology freely available to a global audience. Our Spanish website also includes the weekly radio program Renovando Tu Mente.


The Ligonier Statement on Christology has been translated into many languages.


“God's Word is powerful. Insofar as possible, we simply want to remove the barriers to understanding, provide faithful instruction, and then watch as God's Spirit works.”
—Chris Larson, President of Ligonier Ministries