What Is the Opportunity?

Chinese history and culture are wildly diverse, and the Chinese-speaking church has been affected by many movements and events over the past centuries. From communist control in 1949, to the cultural revolution of 1966-1979 which shut down all churches, to the beginning of the Three-Self patriotic church in 1979, the body of Christ in China has faced great opposition. Even today, a variety of religious climates exist across the country.

Yet the zeal of Chinese believers has not waned, and underground churches have multiplied with evangelistic energy for the spread of the gospel. Some estimate that the number of believers in China will surpass that in the United States over the next two decades, becoming one of the largest Christian populations, and also one with the greatest missionary-sending potential. Yet the availability of solid theological resources in this country is scant, and the great joy of pastors at receiving biblical material is nearly unbelievable from a Western perspective.

The books Ligonier is able to provide with your help, enable pastors to faithfully shepherd their congregations, fathers to lead their homes, and wives to teach their children. Your gift is a critical part of bringing Reformed teaching to thousands of Chinese people.

How Is Ligonier Meeting These Needs?

In the following outreach efforts, we strive to reach Chinese-speaking pastors, unbelievers, and laypeople in varied walks of life.


Growing interest in the Reformed faith has sparked an eagerness for the teachings of R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. In the coming year, our goals include translating, printing, and distributing the following Reformation Trust titles:

    • The Prince's Poison Cup by R.C. Sproul
    • The Donkey Who Carried a King by R.C. Sproul


Upcoming Projects
In the spring of 2017 we distributed 5,000 copies of The Holiness of God book and 4,000 copies of the DVD at a pastors conference in Hong Kong.


Recently Translated Books

What Is Needed?

    • Translation, production, and distribution of selected Ligonier resources Chosen by God and Crucial Questions booklets — $25,000 USD (per year)
    • Digital outreach — $12,000 USD (per year)

How Do Your Gifts Help?

These are a few of many international outreach projects underway, and we ask you to prayerfully consider supporting this effort through financially giving or simply through praying for the Chinese-speaking and global church. Your generosity helps us translate, print, and distribute trustworthy resources, providing countless opportunities to reach people of varying ages and callings. 

“Millions search for something more satisfying than political philosophies. They need something true to believe. The Three-Self political philosophy has disappointed many. The authorities cannot stop the hunger....”
The Reformation Translation Fellowship, Chinese Publishing Partner

Our policy is to apply gifts given toward a specific program. If we receive more contributions than can be wisely used for a given project, we apply these funds to meet other pressing needs in our outreach efforts. We are committed to stewarding all gifts wisely toward the goal of proclaiming the holiness of God to as many people as possible. Ligonier Ministries is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.