What Is the Opportunity?

To anyone watching the news, it is evident that this is a pivotal time in the Arabic-speaking world. Perhaps less evident is the increased openness toward Christianity particularly among disillusioned Muslim youth who have experienced violence and hatred. Arabic Christians are in the middle of dire, uncertain times, and their questions are many. The multitude of changes happening right now present a clear opportunity to provide the comfort and hope of the gospel to people facing unspeakable trials and crises.

We have engaged with a well-known Christian publishing house in the Middle East and North American Region to discuss the translation, printing, and distribution of a variety of titles by R.C. Sproul. This publishing house has expressed their desire to encourage Arabic-speaking Christians with the Word of God, particularly in the midst of great suffering and turmoil. They have selected particular titles, including The Reformation Study Bible, based on the current needs of this region, and we are hopeful to pursue translation and production. This publishing house is also partnering with the first Christian Arabic digital book distribution platform, which has the ability to reach all Arabic-speakers worldwide.

How Is Ligonier Meeting These Needs?

In the following outreach efforts, we strive to reach Arabic-speaking pastors, unbelievers, and laypeople in varied walks of life.

Growing interest in the Reformed faith has sparked an eagerness for the teachings of R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. In the coming year, our goals include translating, printing, and distributing the following Reformation Trust titles:

    • The Reformation Study Bible
    • Crucial Questions series by R.C. Sproul
    • Everyone’s a Theologian by R.C. Sproul
    • The Prince’s Poison Cup by R.C. Sproul
    • Surprised by Suffering by R.C. Sproul
    • The Masculine Mandate by Richard D. Phillips
    • Five Things Every Christian Needs to Grow by R.C. Sproul

Teaching Series (Select Messages)
Our variety of teaching series help promote theological education, and in the coming months we plan to make the following available on YouTube in the Arabic language:

    • Defending Your Faith
    • Hath God Said?
    • Knowing Christ: The I AM Sayings of Jesus
    • The Last Days According to Jesus
    • The Mystery of the Trinity

Recently Translated Books (All by R.C. Sproul)

    • The Race of Faith
    • Abortion
    • Are We Together?
    • Everyone’s a Theologian
    • What Is Reformed Theology?

Recently Translated Teaching Series (Select Messages, All with R.C. Sproul)

What Is Needed?

    • Translation, production, and distribution of selected Ligonier resources including The Prince’s Poison Cup and Surprised by Suffering — $392,000 USD
    • The Reformation Study Bible — $250,000 USD

How Do Your Gifts Help?

These are a few of many international outreach projects underway, and we ask you to prayerfully consider supporting this effort through financially giving or simply through praying for the Arabic-speaking and global church. Your generosity helps us translate, print, and distribute trustworthy resources, providing countless opportunities to reach people of varying ages and callings.

"Studying doctrine allows us to live out the Christian faith with clarity, confidence, and consistency."
—Dar Manhal Al Hayat, Arabic Publishing Partner

Our policy is to apply gifts given toward a specific program. If we receive more contributions than can be wisely used for a given project, we apply these funds to meet other pressing needs in our outreach efforts. We are committed to stewarding all gifts wisely toward the goal of proclaiming the holiness of God to as many people as possible. Ligonier Ministries is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.