Dec 9, 2021

See What Your Support Has Enabled in 2021

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“You are the Ligonier story.” As we entered our fiftieth year of ministry in 2021, that’s what I shared with some of our ministry friends. So many write to us every week to share how the Lord has used Dr. R.C. Sproul and Ligonier in their lives. Your gift now at year’s end will enable Ligonier to continue this outreach into 2022 and beyond.

Testimony after testimony shows the mark of God’s sovereign grace and a love for the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of these testimonies came from Josiah, a young student from Missouri. He shared, “God used Dr. Sproul in my life to bring me to the foundational truths of Scripture as well as the ocean of Reformed theology.” Josiah is now pursuing pastoral ministry. Please join us in praying for him and his future ministry.

R.C. was crystal clear when he told me that faithfulness to the mission is our goal. The need of the hour is unwavering commitment to the whole counsel of God as we proclaim, teach, and defend the holiness of God in all its fullness.

We are amazed to report, thanks be to God, that your support has helped Ligonier to reach more than 50 million people in 2021. This is astounding growth, doubling the reach of last year. But with billions who do not know Christ or His Word, there is still much to do. Let’s move forward, together, to the ends of the earth in obedience to our Savior’s Great Commission.

Many people in addition to Josiah have shared their gratitude for your generous support of Ligonier’s gospel outreach. We also heard from Ruben, an inmate, who wrote to thank our supporters for the Ligonier resources sent to his correctional facility. “I turn back as a leper prepared to give praise to God for using your ministry,” Ruben said. Arsham, in Iran, expressed his gratitude for how you have fueled the translation of so many resources into Farsi: “I’m so blessed that now I can learn from the best Reformed teachers of God’s Word and share these with my friends and family. These resources can prepare the next generation of Farsi-speaking ministers.” From Missouri to the Middle East, God is at work through your support.

Here is just a small glimpse of what your generosity, and that of other Ligonier friends and supporters, enabled in 2021:

December 31 is not the end of our campaign but the beginning of our forward push to reach as many people as possible. Through your support, real needs are being met. Dangerous days loom for the church. The devil despises the spread of the gospel, and the world hates the rule of King Jesus. Our mission to flood the world with knowledgeable and articulate Christians who can withstand opposition continues.

Your support now enacts and expands major initiatives as Ligonier expedites trusted Bible teaching to enable the growth of strong, faithful disciples. We are grateful for your partnership.

I’m sure you can answer this question: Who do you want to equip with gospel truth in 2022? Is there a friend, a relative, or a neighbor who comes to mind? Ligonier is here to help extend your own reach in any way we can.

Together, let’s also think about the answers to these critical Great Commission questions:

  • Will we reach the more than 40 million Gen-Z youth in the United States who are daily assaulted with destructive philosophies and empty deceit (Col. 2:8) in their schools and in social media?
  • Will we serve the billions of Christians in the theologically starved Global South who lack affordable access to faithful discipleship literature and instruction?
  • Will we speed study Bibles to tens of thousands of pastors and church leaders in Africa who are serving in what is quickly becoming the center of Christianity?
  • Will we meaningfully help the two million men and women incarcerated throughout the United States, more and more of whom are seeking the truth of Christ but whose prison libraries are filled with the prosperity “gospel” and other false teaching?
  • Will we continue to equip the millions of Christians throughout the Middle East who are seeking trustworthy teaching in their own language on satellite TV?

Yes. The answer is yes, by God’s grace. With your sustaining financial support, we will do all of this and more for the glory of God alone.

A few years before he went to be with the Lord, Dr. Sproul looked to the future:

If Ligonier is faithful to its foundations—and I believe it will be—we should have ourselves in the middle of a worldwide renewal of the Reformed faith that we can’t even begin to anticipate from this perspective today.

R.C.’s vision is bearing fruit. I believe we’re beginning to see the Spirit of God at work among the nations to bring such an awakening. New doors of opportunity are opening, and Ligonier is uniquely positioned to serve underresourced Christians around the globe and to provide the mind-renewing, life-transforming truth of God’s Word to billions of people. In fact, if the pace of this outreach expansion continues, we’ll reach more people in the next five years than the past fifty combined!

We are standing firm, but we’re not standing still. With your prayers and financial support, Ligonier will continue to stand with courage on God’s unchanging truth and not compromise in an age of godlessness.

This is where we are heading, and you can help us get there. The Lord is faithful and provides for all our financial needs, and He does this through your timely generosity. Your year-end gift at this vital moment will enable Ligonier to end the year strong and move confidently into 2022. Our goal is to reach more people in the next five years than we have over the past five decades. This is no time to slow down. Every gift, no matter the size, counts. Please continue in this gospel partnership with us as the doors of ministry opportunity swing open to a new year. Let’s cross this threshold trusting God together.

Thank you for praying for us and for your thoughtful support of Ligonier’s outreach through your gift. Your support now is critical. It means so much for future service.