International Outreach

Jesus Christ commands His followers to go into all the world and “make disciples of all nations” (Matt. 28:19). Motivated by the Great Commission, Ligonier Ministries is sharing discipleship resources globally in print and digital formats. Our desire is to build up growing Christians with trustworthy teaching.

Many books, articles, and video teaching series have now been translated or dubbed into 54 languages. We are working in some of the most-spoken languages in the world and are responding to requests from churches and publishers in many other languages. Overviews of our work in priority languages can be found below, made possible by your prayerful and generous support.


In a pivotal time for the Arabic-speaking world, we’re bringing God’s Word to growing believers, some of whom endure great persecution.


We seek to equip the church as it ministers in South Asia among one of the world’s largest unreached people groups.


Mandarin Chinese competes with English as the world’s most-spoken language, and we work to meet the enormous need for biblical teaching.


Ligonier is providing trustworthy teaching on TV, online, and in print to strengthen Farsi-speaking Christians in Iran and beyond.


In Africa, Europe, and North America, millions of French speakers desperately need the reliable gospel resources we strive to supply.


Ligonier is serving German-speaking Christians with reliable teaching in print, online, and through conferences in Germany.


Modern Hebrew is spoken in Israel, America, and beyond, but faithful Bible teaching is scarce. We’re stepping forward to meet this need.


India is now world’s most populous country. We aim to serve Hindi speakers through web outreach and translated resources.


We’re making biblical and theological teaching available in Indonesian to serve Christians living in Indonesia, the Netherlands, and beyond.


To make inroads into one of the world’s largest unreached nations, Ligonier is equipping the Japanese-speaking church with discipleship resources.


As secularism is rising in South Korea, we help churches stay anchored in the historic Christian faith through books and teaching series.


Ligonier is helping people in Brazil, Portugal, and parts of Africa combat the prosperity “gospel” and rediscover the truth of God’s Word.


In a region that has been ravaged by destructive worldviews, our resources sow seeds of truth in Russia and its surrounding countries.


To fuel a new reformation in the Spanish-speaking church, Ligonier serves Christians in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, and beyond.


Ligonier aims to equip the church in a land marked by a rich biblical past and a present hostility to the Christian faith.


We seek to build up Ukrainian-speaking Christians with the truth of the gospel through trusted discipleship resources.


We’re making biblical and theological teaching available in Urdu to serve Christians living in Pakistan, India, and beyond.

International Sites

Ligonier has websites developed in several designated languages. Each of these expanding online libraries makes sound theology freely available to a global audience. Our Spanish website also includes the weekly radio program Renovando Tu Mente. Additionally, the Ligonier Statement on Christology has been translated into many languages and is available online.

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International Outreach

How may we help?

Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our outreach or the ways you can help further the mission. Please contact us using the chat bubble, email, or calling 800-435-4343.