Oct 19, 2011

How Has God Used Ligonier Ministries in Your Life?

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The Lord calls every generation to remember His name — to know His character, honor His majesty, and proclaim His holiness. Psalm 45:17 shows every generation how to remember God’s name by exalting Israel’s King, the Messiah. This King is Christ Jesus, the incarnate Son and fullest revelation of God’s glory.

[](mailto:mystory@ligonier.org?subject=Let me tell you my story)It seems like only yesterday that Mrs. Dora Hillman approached me with the idea of opening a small study center just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, to train people for ministry. Back then, I never realized that within a generation God would grow the Ligonier Valley Study Center into a teaching fellowship with an international reach. By God’s grace, Ligonier Ministries has labored for forty years — the equivalent of a biblical generation — to help others to know and remember the Lord.

Our work continues today amidst significant challenges. Biblical illiteracy, theological liberalism, and disbelief in the existence of objective truth are all pervasive. Helping believers remember God’s truth in this generation and in generations to come remains the need of the hour. Ligonier proclaims God’s name worldwide via Renewing Your Mind, internet resources, Tabletalk, Reformation Trust books, The Reformation Study Bible, teaching series, conferences, and Ligonier Academy. The ministry cost is significant and is funded, in the Lord’s providence, through the gifts of friends like you.

I want to thank you for your prayers for Ligonier, which are doubtless motivated by Ligonier’s impact on you personally. Knowing this, we want to hear from you about how Ligonier Ministries has helped you over the years. Send your thoughts via a personal e-message using [mystory@ligonier.org](mailto:mystory@ligonier.org?subject=Let me tell you my story). Knowing how our work has affected you blesses us and encourages us to keep on moving forward.

As we join together to reach the world with the glorious message of God’s character and faithfulness, we fulfill the psalmist’s call to remember His name in all generations. Thank you for coming alongside us in ministry.

Your servant in Christ,

R.C. Sproul