Dec 1, 2022

An Important Ministry Update

6 Min Read

As you look at the world today, do you see God at work?

Yes, it’s tempting to grow discouraged as we witness widespread unbelief and rejection of God’s truth in society, even in the church. But we are heartened when our vision aligns with God’s holy character and His promises.

We see the Lord Jesus Christ at work around the world, and it’s clear that He is using Ligonier Ministries and your support to help fortify Christians to grow strong in their faith and stand firm for the truth. Your gift of any amount today sends vital biblical and theological resources to many places and in many languages, and your gift now will help meet our year-end need by December 31, 2022, to end this year strong and move forward with bold plans to reach even more people in 2023.

The Lord is always at work, redeeming a great multitude for Himself from “every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” (Rev. 7:9). The eyes of faith see enormous opportunity for ministry and incredible fruit around the world. God is moving among His people, and we at Ligonier Ministries are seeing the Lord continue to open a vista of opportunities to support the global church in new and greater ways.

If you listened much to Dr. R.C. Sproul, you well know that the only direction he saw for Ligonier’s service was forward. Such is the vast need for the knowledge of God and the Scriptures, both inside and outside the church. Just as our beloved founder charged us, Ligonier stands firm, but we do not stand still. And with your support, we know we are not standing alone.

In a dry land where trustworthy Bible teaching is scarce and the church is often underequipped, Ligonier relies on generous supporters to help spread the refreshing knowledge of God and to advance the truth of the gospel. Here is just a brief glimpse into what the Lord has graciously allowed you and Ligonier to do together this year:

  • Teenagers have discovered the holiness of God by encountering Ligonier’s teaching on YouTube.
  • Church leaders in Africa have requested and received thousands of copies of the Reformation Study Bible and other Ligonier resources.
  • Thousands of young adults have been equipped to defend their faith at Always Ready apologetics student conferences across America.
  • Thanks to surging interest in Reformed theology, the Philippines has become the second-largest source of traffic to
  • Three new dedicated-language websites have launched in Korean, Japanese, and German, with more on the way.
  • In the past few weeks, we have received 100% funding for the translation of the Reformation Study Bible in French and Arabic, and we have received a matching gift totaling 50% of the funding level for the Chinese and Russian editions.
  • Young adults from countries such as Canada, El Salvador, and Germany have traveled to Central Florida to study at Reformation Bible College, and more than seventy students are now housed in new campus housing.
  • Demand for our teaching within correctional facilities has grown exponentially year over year, and we have responded with free discipleship resources such as Tabletalk magazine, our teaching series, and the Reformation Study Bible.
  • Growth in Ligonier’s military chaplain service with free resources has borne tremendous fruit in the lives of soldiers and their families.

Jesus Christ builds His church. We have seen the Lord’s faithfulness demonstrated, and that gives us confidence to make multiyear commitments for growing worldwide gospel outreach, trusting that the Lord will provide through His people’s generosity.

Your gift at year’s end may be used by God to help a high school student explain the biblical view of identity and sexuality to her friends, to enrich a newly converted Arabic-speaking Christian in the Middle East who has grown up surrounded by falsehood, or to strengthen a recent widow in South America who is seeking to remain faithful and unwavering as she teaches her grandchildren about the God who gives and the God who takes away.

Listen to what Blesswell from India said to us recently:

“I am very delighted that Ligonier Ministries produces books, teaching series, and articles in Hindi. Many Indian churches face the problem of shallow theology and undereducated pastors, so we thank the Lord for Dr. Sproul and Ligonier in proclaiming God’s holiness.”

Dr. Sproul would often ask me a question after I told him some good news about a completed outreach goal: “What’s next, Chris?” I loved that. While I knew that R.C. was thankful for the Lord’s blessing on our outreach, his sanctified ambition in the ministry’s reach kept in perspective the enormous need in the world today. Even the mission of Ligonier calls us to reach “as many people as possible” and continually prompts us to ask, “What’s next?”

In large part, your year-end giving answers the scope of the “What’s next?” question for 2023. From time to time, R.C. would also say that if Ligonier receives a $100 donation, we will strive to steward that $100 as efficiently and effectively as possible to accomplish the ministry’s mission. But what we cannot accomplish is $101 of ministry. Therefore, what is given by Christians who care for the spread of the historic Christian faith critically links to outreach. Thank you for furthering the proclamation of trusted Bible teaching around the world.

Just consider the possibilities if we work side by side to:

  • Build the world’s largest library of discipleship resources faithful to the historic Christian faith;
  • Sustain daily or weekly ministry in the top twenty global languages by 2025—new languages coming soon include Urdu and Russian;
  • Expand the reach and provide even more daily teaching on Renewing Your Mind, our flagship daily podcast;
  • Launch a suite of new podcasts, including a new weekday devotional with Dr. Sinclair Ferguson in January;
  • Equip the next generation of young people through strategic in-person events and new digital teaching formats;
  • Return to serving God’s people internationally with Ligonier conferences, beginning with London next September and even Singapore in the next few years;
  • Develop a world-class Ligonier app powering greater ease of learning, discipleship, and sharing;
  • Fuel global reformation with increased distribution of the Reformation Study Bible in multiple languages throughout South America and Africa;
  • Release a Spanish edition of Ligonier Connect to serve Spanish-speaking Christians around the world;
  • And much, much more, as the Lord provides.

Global demand for Ligonier’s teaching is soaring, which also means the need for your support has never been greater. Yet rising costs mean accomplishing the same level of ministry is more expensive. But let us not simply maintain. Let us advance Ligonier’s service to the church. We are standing firm on the truth, by God’s grace, and will not compromise. But as you can see, and as I said before, Ligonier is not standing still—nor can we stand alone. Your generous support is needed if the momentum of ministry is to match the rising need.

Through your financial gift, large or small, you are helping to advance the truth of God to the ends of the earth. The Lord is at work around the world, using the generosity of His people as He awakens souls to His holiness and grace in Christ. Thank you for your timely year-end gift.