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Over the years, R.C. Sproul’s students have asked him countless questions. Now you can read his answers to more than 300 of these questions in Now, That’s a Good Question! Topics include theology, apologetics, the Bible, philosophy, and personal and cultural ethics. While the answers are brief, they all display the depth and breadth of learning, reasonableness, wit, and commitment to God’s Word that characterize R.C.’s approach to teaching and ministry.


Excellent resource for explaining hard questions

Larry Hughes

This book is an excellent resource for difficult questions. I used this specifically to help encourage family over an issue of a very close friend and very dedicated Christian who suddenly and shockingly committed suicide. The prevailing teaching in the &quotarea&quot was that suicide was the unforgivable sin and many would &quotlook down upon&quot him for doing this. I could not have answered this soundly and doctrinally without Dr. Sproul's book. It was a blessing to be able to address what was otherwise a horrible thinking about this extremely tragic issue. Ultimately being enabled to point one's hope, even our friend's tragedy as horrible as it was, back unto Christ alone. Thank God for His called teachers!!! In the Singular and Final Sufficiency of Christ's Imputed Righteousness Alone, Larry Hughes Kentucky