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In this audiobook version of Are We Together? A Protestant Analyzes Roman Catholicism, R.C. Sproul, a passionate defender of justification by faith alone in Christ alone by grace alone, cites historical and modern doctrinal positions of the Roman Catholic authorities to show that they have not altered positions. In light of this continuing gap, he states, efforts by some evangelicals to find common ground with Rome on matters at the heart of the gospel are untrue to biblical teaching. In Dr. Sproul’s estimation, the Reformation remains relevant.

Are We Together? is a clarion call to evangelicals to stand firm for the gospel, the precious good news of salvation as it is set forth in Scripture alone.

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Are We Together? A Protestant Analyzes Roman Catholicism Media
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James Agosto

Like most people I was raised a Catholic, but I would leave the service still wanting to know more about Jesus. This book has helped me, and I strongly suggest that all persons wanting to know more ought to purchase this book. Great work Dr.R.C.Sproul.

salvation not found in catholicism JESUS ONLY

clyda novotny

I was catholic for 35 years before I was led by the Holy Spirit thru my best friend to the saving knowledge of my savior Jesus Christ and know the power of the blood and the cross that I am saved. Amen.


dave thibaudeau

this book is needed more than ever. thankyou for writing it.