Oct 8, 2020

A World-Changing Moment

3 Min Read

You have probably heard that we are in a world-changing moment. Perhaps we are, but historians can sort that out later. It sure seems that way, however. The stakes are high wherever you look. But you and I know that God’s people are called to be faithful regardless of the circumstances. Our times are in His hands (Ps. 31:15). Christians were made to flourish in moments like these.

To help Ligonier remain faithful to God in this and every hour, we’ve developed ten ministry commitments that I want you to read. Your gift of any amount this month will help move the mission of Ligonier forward and end 2020 in a position of strength.

The year 2020 has offered little in terms of clear vision. A global health and economic crisis persists. Lawlessness is rampant. Consequential political elections are around the corner. Christians are uniquely prepared to face the challenges in such a time as this because we are united to Christ, the Captain of our salvation. Thanks be to God that He has gone before us in all things and He will bring His people home (Heb. 2:10; 6:19–20).

We may not know what is coming around the corner. Yet, God has spoken in His Word. While He hasn’t told us everything about the future, we know that He has entrusted to us the message of salvation. The one Savior is redeeming a people from every nation, tribe, and tongue. Ligonier Ministries intends to faithfully steward this moment in history. Whether the Lord tarries a day or a thousand years, what Dr. Sproul said is just as true, just as pressing: “Right now counts forever.”

Only the grace of God and commitment to a well-defined mission keep God’s people steady in times like these. At Ligonier, we’re grateful that R.C. gave us a simple, clear, and focused purpose that we have been following for decades—to declare the fullness of the holiness of God to as many people as possible.

Strengthened by God’s grace, Ligonier is pressing on to fulfill this vision, doing what we’ve always done in teaching people the deep things of God. We’re reaching millions of people around the world this month. People testify to the timeless truth of God’s Word that goes forth with power from Ligonier’s many outreaches.

Staying fixed on our purpose, we formalized ten ministry commitments to ensure your generosity helps advance a global awakening to the Lord and His holiness for years to come. We believe ministry friends like you support Ligonier’s global gospel outreach because of these unwavering commitments and because billions of souls do not know who God is. You might have seen these commitments in the past, but if not, we would be honored and encouraged by your taking the time to read them and to pray for the people being reached by Ligonier.

These commitments serve as a kind of guardrail to help us remain steadfast in our unchanging mission for generations to come. Your part in this work cannot be overstated. Under God, we cannot fulfill our mission without faithful friends and partners such as you standing with us through prayer and financial support. We’ve needed to make budget adjustments to sustain our outreach even as the scope of our mission has grown. Your gift to increase financial support over the next few months is vital for a strong finish in 2020 and for us to hit the ground running in 2021—our fiftieth year of ministry.

You and the team at Ligonier are engaged in a mighty kingdom work. Any support you can give at this time will be greatly appreciated and will help make it possible to provide more people with the trusted teaching you expect from Ligonier. Thank you.