10 Commitments to Advance a Global Awakening

from Apr 17, 2019 Category: Ministry News

You and I see the tremendous need all around us for men and women to be awakened to the truth. God’s Word is truth (John 17:17). It brings the knowledge of God’s holiness, our sinfulness, and how in Jesus Christ we can be forgiven.

Darkness must be met with light; delusion with reality; bondage with liberty. God is using you and Ligonier Ministries to foster an awakening in more people and in more places than ever—thirteen million people over the last year. We give thanks to God for your partnership in the gospel. Together, by God’s grace, we are making a difference. Yet with seven billion souls on this planet, the need for awakening is great.

Thank you for prayerfully considering how the Lord will have you support Ligonier, a ministry engaged in advancing a global awakening to the truth about our holy God and His holy Word.

Below I’ve outlined ten commitments to ensure your gifts and partnership, by God’s grace, help advance a global awakening:

1. Maintain a Consistent and Courageous Commitment to Historic Christianity

Don’t change in changing times. Draw strength from the authority of the Bible and the sufficiency of the cross of Christ. Our ministry draws from the doctrinal riches of the historic Christian faith to help as many people as possible flourish in their families, churches, vocations, communities, and nations. Our aim is for Christians to live with conviction, able to withstand the challenges from secularism, false religions, and militant atheism. We care about all suffering, especially eternal suffering, and the disciple-making impulse of the Great Commission animates all of our outreach.

2. Focus on Theology, Theology, Theology

The most loving thing we can give people is the truth. I heard R.C. say that right thinking precedes right living. What we think about God shapes who we are, penetrating to our core beliefs and determining our values, goals, and decisions. Theology is knowing who God is so that we might worship and enjoy Him. Ligonier will, by God’s grace, maintain its almost fifty-year unwavering commitment to the truth that will inform faithful and fruitful living for the benefit of every tribe, tongue, and nation.

3. Broadcast through Increased Video and Audio Channels

Ligonier was a pioneer in video-based Christian education. Reel-to-reel tape and VHS gave way to an explosion of video on the internet. Trillions of hours of video around the world are now watched each month, so we are increasing our financial investment to meet this demand. Just as Ligonier has done for decades, we will continue to create more videos and distribute them to more people. We are increasing our studio capacity, adding skilled professionals, and deepening our Christian education library. At the same time, more podcasts and radio broadcasts will have a part to play as we reach different ages and stages of life.

4. Publish to Serve Every Age and Stage of the Christian Life

Bible literacy is abysmal. Category-defining discipleship literature from Ligonier transmits the truth of God’s Word from one generation to the next. Our study Bible, monthly Bible study magazine, books from trusted authors, online article archives, and more will continue to be some of the first resources people pick up as they are waking up to the reality of who God is and how He wants them to live in this world.

5. Gather Christians in Community

Iron sharpens iron, so Christians must encourage one another to love God with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength. Ligonier gathers believers for large conferences, intimate training events, and rigorous educational programs—like at our Bible college in Orlando—because no one was meant to grow in isolation. We love God best when we learn in community.

6. Wisely Deploy Emerging Technology as a Force Multiplier

Paul used the Roman roads to circulate his letters, Martin Luther used Gutenberg’s printing revolution, and R.C. recognized that through the wise use of new technology, distances can be bridged and language barriers can be breached. Mobile phones and portable devices are the computers of choice today. So we will maintain our emphasis on the innovative use of the internet in order to scale our ministry’s reach more efficiently and, in many cases, more effectively. Answering biblical and theological questions through live chat, streaming preaching and teaching twenty-four hours per day, and online study courses will help Christians to grow. Moreover, carefully developed technology put into the hands of God’s people greatly enhances one-to-one and one-to-many discipleship opportunities.

7. Adapt and Address Localized Needs

Because there is a famine for God’s truth around the world, no longer is Ligonier an English-only ministry. We meet and learn the particular needs of Christians around the world and then move discipleship teaching into multiple languages in multiple countries in order to help families, churches, and schools grow in Christ.

8. Find Trusted Global Partners

No ministry can do what it does alone. Ligonier researches like-minded church leaders, missionaries, and organizations in various places who serve diverse people groups. We know who we are and, along with our visionary donors, we are uniquely able to get faithful discipleship resources to people ready for them.

9. Equip Pastors and Leaders

We are helping to sharpen the axe of the preachers of God’s Word. They need opportunities for strategic refreshment, and we do this through preaching seminars and conferences, as well as through Christian growth opportunities designed exclusively for them.

10. Reach the Next Generation

R.C. fixed our focus as a ministry when he called on you and me to reach “as many people as possible” with the message of God’s holiness and the truth of His Word. Reaching the next generation is vital. We are engaged with college and high school students, training them to know what they believe, why they believe it, how to live it, and how to share it. We do this in churches, in schools and universities, on our campus, and through apps and the web. The Great Conversation of ideas has become the Great Confrontation between truth and error, with eternal destinies at stake. The future belongs to Christians of conviction. We aim to be there to help in the battle for the souls of our young people.

What Dr. Sproul started all those years ago at a small study center continues today through a worldwide outreach. His fingerprints are all over this ministry, and they always will be.

We serve a mighty Redeemer who is powerful to save. Proclaiming, teaching, and defending God’s holiness in all its fullness is our heartbeat.

Isn’t it a joy to have so much good work you and I can do in service to the Lord? There is no greater cause to advance in all the earth. Please pray for Ligonier. Your gift will help move ministry forward without pause. Thank you.

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