Jul 1, 2013

What's So Great about the Doctrines of Grace? — Free eBook

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During the month of July, Reformation Trust is giving away the eBook edition of Richard Phillips' What's So Great about the Doctrines of Grace. This book shows that "the doctrines of grace" or "the five points of Calvinism" are comforting, faith-strengthening, and humbling teachings. He demonstrates from Scripture that this view of salvation exalts God and makes plain His great love for man, which drove Him to do all that was necessary to redeem a people for Himself.

"The heart of the gospel is contained in the doctrines of grace. To understand these truths is to understand the height, depth, breadth, and length of the saving grace of God for sinners. Richard Phillips has done an outstanding job of capturing the heartbeat of these precious truths. Prepare your heart to be greatly blessed as this pastor and author guides you into a greater appreciation of the sovereign grace of God."

Dr. Steven J. Lawson

"Richard 'Rick' Phillips has done it again! In summarizing the doctrines of grace in this book, he brings us into the arena of historic Calvinism, which, as C.H. Spurgeon said, 'is the Gospel and nothing else.' But what we have here is more than just a re-telling of the doctrines themselves; it is an account of why these truths matter in the church of the twenty-first century. Its enthusiasm is infectious, its urgency compelling, and its logic irrefutable."

Dr. Derek W.H. Thomas

Download the ePub edition from the Ligonier Store.

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Offer expires July 31, 2013.