Apr 10, 2024

What Will Ligonier Be Doing in the Years to Come?

5 Min Read

“What do you see the future holding for Ligonier?”

That’s the essence of the question I asked Dr. R.C. Sproul about twelve years ago. Ligonier was just beginning to translate our discipleship materials to reach Christians in more languages. In light of these encouraging developments, I asked Dr. Sproul where he envisioned the ministry may be in the years to come. In true R.C. fashion, his vision was expansive:

“Twenty-five years from now, if Ligonier is faithful to its foundations—and I believe it will be—we should have ourselves in the middle of a worldwide renewal of the Reformed faith that we can’t even begin to anticipate from this perspective today.”

Since then, we’ve seen a spiritual awakening to the truth as our sovereign God uses faithful Bible teaching to awaken the nations to His holiness. More testimonies than I can count have poured in. I could tell how the church thrives in Latin America as more people access Ligonier’s Spanish-language resources. Or the hunger for truth stirring throughout Africa as Christian leaders receive copies of the Reformation Study Bible. Or how Ligonier’s Farsi-dubbed teaching from gifted theologians is broadcasting on satellite TV throughout Iran right now, fanning the flames of one of the world’s fastest-growing churches.

The Word of the Lord is going forth to accomplish all His purposes (Isa. 55:11). We pray this is only the beginning of an unprecedented awakening, and Ligonier aims to be a trusted supply line to the church on the front lines of the Great Commission. Support from friends like you is instrumental in this movement to see the historic Christian faith flourishing worldwide. By God’s grace, your gift this month can help fuel renewal in the church.

The Christian church faces significant challenges. Biblical illiteracy is rampant. False teaching is a plague. Physical needs abound. But there are also encouraging signs. Numerous new ministry opportunities stand before the unique teaching fellowship that Dr. Sproul founded. When I have the privilege of speaking with many of you at conferences and churches or even in your homes, I often hear this: What will Ligonier be doing in the coming years? The path forward is clear and the answer is as follows.

Expect no novelty in Ligonier’s message. Faithfulness is success. Above all, people need to hear the truth of our holy God, not ear-tickling words that change with the times (2 Tim. 4:3). Others may compromise on essential doctrine, but by God’s sustaining grace, we will stand firm.

Yet our outreach is not standing still. To equip God’s people everywhere, Ligonier strives to distribute more teaching and make that biblical teaching accessible in more regions and languages. This decades-long effort focuses on three strategic ministry initiatives, each requiring substantial investment from friends like you who share Ligonier’s vision.

1. Your support can help develop the world’s most extensive discipleship library with teaching faithful to the historic Christian faith. Ligonier continues expounding the depths of Reformed theology and expanding our outreach through new biblically rich books, timely online articles, and the unparalleled Tabletalk devotional and Bible study magazine. We also aim to add more covered subjects to our vast collection of teaching series and podcasts to build up the body of Christ (Eph. 4:11–14). With your vital support, we’re focused on taking this substantial library to the world’s top 20 languages, partnering with teachers in more regions to produce additional teaching and holding more events such as October’s Spanish-language conference in the Dominican Republic and a Singapore conference in 2025.

2. Your financial gift can also assist in equipping the global church with the Reformation Study Bible. No Christian should go without access to God’s Word. Yet in many places, even pastors lack basic Bible study materials. With the extraordinary fruit borne by our Study Bibles for Africa outreach, Ligonier seeks to expand Bible distribution in languages and regions worldwide. Your support helps translate this one-volume theological library into more languages and distribute it to more places. Just imagine people throughout the Middle East receiving copies of the Arabic Reformation Study Bible after translation is complete in several years.

3. Your generosity can serve young Christians by underwriting new teaching designed with the next generation in mind. From Always Ready apologetics conferences serving high schoolers to undergraduate studies at Reformation Bible College, Ligonier offers many discipleship opportunities for the rising generations. Additionally, the Student Edition of the Reformation Study Bible continues to be one of our most popular resources. And as questions arise about gender and sexuality—questions this generation is asking—we’re answering them online and in new resources you’ll soon see. Your gift today can multiply outreach to this critical age group by helping us to develop a Bible curriculum and focused discipleship resources, giving our children and grandchildren a firm footing on the truth to help them stand firm in the face of unbelief.

Please join me in praying for awakening as God works through His truth. Pray for Ligonier to remain faithful and discerning as vistas of ministry opportunity unfold before us. Following Dr. Sproul’s lead, our attention isn’t focused merely twenty-five years down the line. If the Lord should tarry, and as God enables us to remain faithful, Ligonier will support the discipleship needs of the global church well beyond all of our lifetimes.

Tomorrow’s ministry requires our faithfulness today, just as your gift today furthers tomorrow’s outreach. When you give to advance one or all of these ministry initiatives, you are investing in a movement to see God’s glory lifted up among the nations, that “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea” (Hab. 2:14). We’re so very grateful for you.