Jul 8, 2020

This Summer, Your Support Is Greatly Needed and Deeply Appreciated

4 Min Read

In a moment of global upheaval, uncertainty stirs in people’s hearts, and the world doesn’t know where to turn for answers. God’s people, however, do know where to turn.

The world appears to be changing as a result of the pandemic and recent civil unrest. But you and I know that the Lord never changes. Jesus is always building His church, and the fundamental need of every soul remains unchanged. People still need to know who God is so that they will know who they are and how much they need a Savior. Your gift of any amount to Ligonier Ministries helps people know God.

It is encouraging to see how your vital partnership with Ligonier in the gospel melds into a massive effort to serve the kingdom of God. As you know, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, sparking fear, sickness, and economic shutdowns, Ligonier decided to lean into this moment for ministry and offered many resources for free, including our entire teaching series library via streaming. Together, we have spread hope and have brought faithful answers to ultimate questions as the nations navigate this challenging situation. Notes of appreciation and encouragement continue to come in from people who have benefitted from this trusted teaching:

“Thanks for making the entire library of teaching series FREE of cost during this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. The hunger for God’s Word amid fear and uncertainty is growing all the more. Thanks, Ligonier, for this priceless gift.”—Bobby, App User

We thank you, because by God’s grace and with your help, Ligonier is reaching more people with sound Bible teaching, pointing men, women, and children to Christ, our ultimate hope in both good times and bad.

We are determined to follow the same mission R.C. mapped out for us in 1971. “Here we stand” describes our unwavering commitment to the immovable truth of God, but we refuse to stand still in reaching as many people as possible with this truth. With your support, the ministry responds to the present crisis and the next one and the next one. There is a famine of the knowledge of the Lord worldwide (Amos 8:11) that must be addressed.

Here is only a brief update to give you a glimpse of in-progress outreach:

  • Teaching series in Farsi are reaching into Iran through satellite TV. Dr. Sproul’s classic book The Holiness of God is now available in French for the first time, and several of his children’s titles have been published in Spanish. Later this summer, we will also launch our new Chinese outreach.
  • In September, we will release the Spanish edition of the Reformation Study Bible. This is a milestone ministry event. Thanks be to God, we’re releasing the Portuguese edition shortly thereafter.
  • Our shift from holding an in-person 2020 National Conference to hosting Made in the Image of God as an online livestream event brought biblical truth on God’s sovereign purposes and comfort to more than 100,000 online viewers. And we plan to do more events like these.
  • We have hosted multiple panel discussions with our Teaching Fellows and special guests in order to address the theological concerns raised by the COVID-19 crisis and to bring timely encouragement to God’s people.
  • On-campus enrollment for Reformation Bible College continues to increase, and an online version of RBC’s Foundation Year program launches this fall.

We must do more because there is more to do. That is why Ligonier’s leadership team and board of directors are continually in conversation about maximizing our response to a situation no one could have anticipated when we first made plans for 2020. We’re monitoring donor response and are adjusting budgets and spending to stretch every gift as far as possible.

But the truth is, we cannot continue to do this without your help. Ligonier has not been untouched by the financial ramifications of the worldwide economic calamity. Now, perhaps more than ever before in our ministry’s history, we need God’s people to stand with us for the sake of the gospel. Your gifts and prayers allow you to share in Ligonier’s mission of eternal significance, knowing that right now counts forever.

Our holy, good God is at work in exalting His glory and in providing for His people. Countless souls need to hear that truth, and Ligonier unashamedly proclaims great truth to people living in a time of great need. Your gift of any amount will propel Ligonier’s outreach further. Only in eternity will we fully see the marvelous way that God can multiply your generosity.

Every gift now matters forever. God is able to do far more than we can ask or dream with the widow’s mite or the merchant’s wealth. The Lord brings His gospel to the world through His messengers by a beautiful synergy of our ministry outreach and your gifts and prayers.

Thank you for standing with us to serve a truth-starved world in this hour of critical need.