Message 10, Ask Ligonier with Ferguson, Nichols, Parsons, and Thomas:

To answer biblical and theological questions from people watching around the world, Nathan W. Bingham hosted a special Ask Ligonier event with Drs. Sinclair Ferguson, Stephen Nichols, Burk Parsons, and Derek Thomas


  1. What book have you recently read that you found spiritually edifying? (:48)
  2. What are some ways that a young Christian studying theology can resist falling into dead orthodoxy? (3:40)
  3. How should we approach friends who hold to different doctrines? (9:22)
  4. How do we make sure we don’t teach the doctrine of the image of God in the way prosperity preachers do? (13:43)
  5. Is it possible for a Christian to fall into deep sin, die, and still be saved? (17:50)
  6. What are some resources to help young pastors who want to preach Christ from all of Scripture? (21:20)
  7. Who has Christ authorized to baptize? Can parents baptize a child at home? (24:53)
  8. There are some Christians who say that the blood of Jesus protects from or takes away sickness. Is this true? (28:07)
  9. Since murder is against God’s law, should the church support the total abolition of abortion? (29:57)
  10. When speaking about the Trinity as three Persons in one essence, what do we mean by “Person” and what do we mean by “essence?” (34:41)
  11. How can we confront the feelings of despair belonging to our friends and family who do not know the Lord? (41:00)