Mar 23, 2016

Holy Week Resources

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This week is Holy Week. Therefore Christians and Christian families all over the world are paying particular attention to the work of Jesus Christ in His life, death, and resurrection.

...there is more to be learned at the foot of the cross than anywhere else in the world. —J.C. Ryle

These are worthy topics for our consideration. Jesus' accomplishment on the cross was not—as some suggest—simply God's "Plan B" after the Fall. Instead, R.C. Sproul reminds us that "from all eternity, God determined that He would redeem for Himself a people, and that which He determined to do was, in fact, accomplished in the work of Jesus Christ, His atonement on the cross."

In addition to offering you the ebook edition of Blood Work (ends March 31, 2016) and Renewing Your Mind offering R.C. Sproul's What Did Jesus Do? on DVD for a gift of any amount (ends March 25, 2016), we have compiled a list of resources to help you in your worshipful study this Holy Week. We pray they will encourage you and lead you to praise the God who saves.

R.C. Sproul, "The Curse Motif of the Cross"

The Ligonier Statement on Christology

Affirmations & Denials
Explanatory Essay


The Bearer of Iniquity by Joseph Pipa, Jr.
Biblical Scholasticism by R.C. Sproul
The Blood of the Lamb by Gordon Wenham
Cur Deus Homo by R.C. Sproul
For God So Loved the World by Tom Ascol
For God So Loved the World by R. Scott Clark
God's Holy Love by Albert Mohler
It Is Finished by Burk Parsons
The Lamb of God by Derek Thomas
Lift High the Cross by Michael Beates

Streaming Media Resources

The Atonement by R.C. Sproul
Blessing or Curse? by Albert Mohler
Christ Our Ransom by Derek Thomas
The Cross of Christ by R.C. Sproul
The Curse Motif of the Atonement by R.C. Sproul
Exalted to the Right Hand of God: The Resurrection and the Ascension by Michael Horton
The Gospel: 2016 National Conference
He Is Not Here: The Significance of the Empty Tomb by Alistair Begg
Imputation by R.C. Sproul
The Life of Christ by Steven Lawson
Meaning of the Gospel by R.C. Sproul
The Mystery of Incarnation by Stephen Nichols
The Perfect Sacrifice by R.C. Sproul
The Resurrection of Christ by R.C. Sproul
The Resurrection of Christ by Michael Reeves
The Substitutionary Atonement of Christ by Sinclair Ferguson
The Suffering Servant by R.C. Sproul
The Symbol of the Cross by R.C. Sproul
What Is the Gospel? by R.C. Sproul
Why the God-Man? by Sinclair Ferguson

Store Resources

The Atonement of Jesus teaching series by R.C. Sproul
Comforts from the Cross book by Elyse Fitzpatrick
Counted Righteous in Christ book by John Piper
The Cross of Christ teaching series by R.C. Sproul
The Cross of Christ: 2006 Fall Conferences
The Death of Death in the Death of Christ book by John Owen
The Donkey Who Carried a King book by R.C. Sproul
Is There Life After Death?: 2009 West Coast Conference
The Life of Jesus teaching series by R.C. Sproul
The Priest With Dirty Clothes
book by R.C. Sproul
The Prince's Poison Cup book by R.C. Sproul
Redemption Accomplished and Applied book by John Murray
The Truth of the Cross book by R.C. Sproul
Understanding the Gospel teaching series by R.C. Sproul
What Did Jesus Do?: Understanding the Work of Christ teaching series by R.C. Sproul
What Is the Atonement? booklet by Richard Phillips
Who Is Jesus? (Free) booklet by R.C. Sproul