Blood Work: How the Blood of Christ Accomplishes Our Salvation—Free eBook

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During the month of September, Reformation Trust is giving away the eBook edition of Blood Work. In this book, Anthony Carter traces the theme of the blood of Christ through the New Testament, showing how the biblical writers used the powerful metaphor of the blood of Jesus to help Christians grasp the treasures Jesus secured for them in His death on the cross. In doing so, he provides a fresh perspective on the atonement Jesus made.

Carter delves into the New Testament’s teaching on several of the blessings that flow to believers because of the blood of Jesus, from their “purchase” by the blood (Acts 20:28) to their “freedom” through the blood (Rev. 1:5).

In a day awash with self-help books, it is refreshing to be reminded that we indeed cannot help ourselves, but God, through the blood of Christ, has done more than help us; He has saved us. Thank God for the blood!”

Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr.

Anthony Carter has brought to our senses what many Christians have taken for granted, the precious blood of Christ. His scholarship and passion are evident. We need this book.”

Lecrae Moore

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