• Final Day: 50% Off Reformation Study Bibles

    Today is the final day we are offering all Reformation Study Bibles in both the English Standard Version and New King James Version on sale for 50% off retail price. And when you spend more than $55 in Reformation Study Bible purchases you will receive a bonus $20 gift certificate for the Ligonier store.* Read More December 03, 2016 at 10:00 AM | from Nathan W. Bingham

  • Jonathan Edwards’ Driving Passion

    Jonathan Edwards lived with one driving passion: soli Deo gloria—for the glory of God alone. His master purpose in all things, his overarching aim in all of life, was to bring honor and majesty to the name of God. He desired to exalt the greatness of God with every breath he drew and with every step he took. Every thought, every attitude, every choice, and every undertaking must be for the glory of God. Read More December 03, 2016 at 05:00 AM | from Steven Lawson

  • Join Us for Our 2017 Winter Conference at Reformation Bible College

    On January 16, 2017, we invite pastors, students, and church leaders to join us in Sanford, Florida, for our Winter Conference at Reformation Bible College, “Scripture in the Early Church.” Read More December 02, 2016 at 01:00 PM | from R.C. Sproul

  • Seeing Is Not Always Believing

    One comment that Christian pastors sometimes hear from people they are counseling is that it would be easier for them to have a strong faith if they could see God doing the same kinds of miracles today as are recorded in the Bible. Read More December 02, 2016 at 05:00 AM | from R.C. Sproul

  • $5 Friday: Ethics, Justification, & the Cross

    It’s time for our weekly $5 Friday sale. This week’s resources include such topics as the doctrines of grace, covenants, the Trinity, justification, Jonathan Edwards, the cross, church history, the Apostle Paul, repentance, ethics, and more. Read More December 02, 2016 at 12:00 AM | from Nathan W. Bingham

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