Mar 31, 2020

Resources to Serve You During the COVID-19 Outbreak

6 Min Read

Coronavirus. It’s a word that will likely remain etched in each of our minds for years to come. With this word comes a daily reminder of the threat that the virus poses. These are uncertain times outside and inside the church. Congregations around the globe are experiencing significant constraints on their ability to gather corporately and in small groups. In Ligonier’s 50-year history as a ministry, we’ve seen nothing like this. Yet, church history reveals time and time again that Christians of conviction must rise above their circumstances—big or small—for the sake of the gospel to the glory of God.

Ligonier seeks to be the first to serve Christians around the world who are being awakened to the holiness of God. By God’s merciful provision of Dr. Sproul’s vision and the generosity of supporters like you, we are able to make many of our online outreaches even more available in order to serve churches and Christians around the world during this unprecedented moment.

Recently, we unlocked Ligonier’s entire teaching series library with over 2,500 lectures and more than 1,000 hours of teaching. These messages will remain free to stream through at least June 30. Stream any series on Ligonier’s website or on the Ligonier app. Our app is available in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, as well as on Google Play for your phone or tablet. You can also get it on Amazon and Roku. Just visit or search for “Ligonier” in your app store to begin.

During this time, we have also enabled you to freely download the digital study guides that accompany many of our teaching series. Just add a digital study guide to your online cart and visit checkout with no required payment. Digital study guides allow you to dig even deeper into your study and share what you are learning online with others in your community.

In place of this year’s National Conference, we hosted a special live online event, Made in the Image of God, on March 19. Over 100,000 people viewed the livestream as our Teaching Fellows and several guest teachers considered the reality that we have been created in God’s image. They also discussed the radical implications of the image of God for the unprecedented days in which we are living. You can watch each session from this event for free on our YouTube channel or in the Ligonier app.

Study groups at Ligonier Connect are now also free. To help you stay connected online with friends and church members, you can create your own private online classroom and invite friends to take any course in our library together. You can set a schedule for completing the group course, track the progress of your classmates, and receive notification if they ask any questions along the way. Creating a group is easy, and we’ll guide you through the process. Invite your friends and start learning together today.

Have an Amazon Prime account? We’ve made 20+ teaching series available to Prime members through June 30. This includes all seventy-three messages of Dr. W. Robert Godfrey’s monumental series A Survey of Church History, plus numerous other series.

Two of R.C. Sproul’s children’s stories are available as animatic videos on our YouTube channel for your family to watch together for free. Narrated by Dr. Sproul and delightfully illustrated, The Lightlings and The Prince’s Poison Cup captivate children and adults alike while also making core teachings of the Bible understandable to viewers of all ages.

Do you subscribe to our free podcasts? Choose from several unique programs to help you grow in the truth of God. Study Scripture every day on Renewing Your Mind, travel back in time on 5 Minutes in Church History, build your theological vocabulary with Simply Put, and much more. Now, you can also hear trustworthy answers to your biblical and theological questions with our newest podcast, Ask Ligonier. Simply search for “Ligonier Ministries” in your favorite podcast app.

You can also listen anytime, every day to RefNet, our online Christian radio station. Each day features a fresh playlist of trustworthy teaching, Bible readings, music, and much more. Listen online, download the five-star app, or try our updated RefNet Skill with Amazon Alexa. Just enable the skill and say, “Alexa, start RefNet.”

If you don’t subscribe already, try Tabletalk, our monthly magazine dedicated to helping believers grow in Christ. With articles from pastors, scholars, and teachers, every issue of Tabletalk focuses on something different. Each issue contains feature articles, daily Bible studies, and columns touching on biblical, theological, and practical themes to help strengthen and encourage you in your faith. Your trial also gives you full access to our online library at No credit card information is required to begin your trial, so there’s no risk. This month’s issue, on the providential topic of fear, is also free to read online.

You can also get Tabletalk for your church or Bible study for only $1 per issue. When you request five or more issues each month, you’ll automatically receive this special bulk subscription discount. This is an easy and affordable way to equip your friends, family, and church members to go deeper in their Bible study. Just visit, select the number of issues you want each month, and enter your name and address.

Finally, you can request a free copy of God Is Holy by R.C. Sproul. Designed for evangelism and discipleship, this booklet explains who God is, how we relate to Him, and why the reality of God’s holiness affects every part of our lives. If you’re new to Ligonier, new to the Christian faith, or know someone who is, this is the resource for you.

We hope these outreaches will serve you, your family, and your church as you seek to steward this unique season well for your own spiritual growth and the discipleship of others. We encourage you to share this page so that even more people can benefit from these resources.

All of Ligonier’s gospel outreach is made possible by the generous support of donors. Thank you for helping to proclaim the holiness of God to people around the world.