Feb 2, 2013

No Compromise: 2013 National Conference Preview — R.C. Sproul and Robert Godfrey

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In only a few weeks thousands will gather in Orlando for our 2013 National Conference. These three days will be a call to stand with conviction, not bending with the winds of relativism and faithlessness.

Over the coming weeks we will be giving you a preview of who will be teaching and what they'll be teaching on.

Dr. R.C. Sproul is founder and chairman of Ligonier and is recognized throughout the church for his articulate defense of the inerrancy of Scripture and the need for God’s people to stand with conviction upon His Word. Dr. Sproul also serves as co-pastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, Fla., is president of Reformation Bible College, and has written more than eighty books.

All of Dr. Sproul's past Ligonier conference messages can be found here, however, below is his message from last year's National Conference in which he exhorted us to love the Lord with all of our mind.

In addition to questions and answers sessions, this year Dr. Sproul will be speaking at two sessions:

Session 1 — The Article on Which the Church Stands or Falls

Was the Reformation debate over justification by faith alone a tempest in a teapot? There are many today who think so, many who argue that the Reformation is over. In this message, Dr. R.C. Sproul will explain why the Reformers spoke of justification by faith alone as the article on which the church stands or falls, and why we are never to compromise on this essential truth of the Christian faith.

Session 11 — No Compromise, No Surrender

Jesus Christ has ascended to the right hand of God and has received all authority in heaven and on earth. He is Lord. In this message, Dr. R.C. Sproul will remind the church that the very first creed for which tens of thousands died is "Christ is Lord." He will remind us that Jesus Christ is still Lord and that every assault on His kingdom is doomed to failure because the decisive battle has already been won.

Dr. Robert Godfrey is president and professor of church history at Westminster Seminary California. He sits on the board of directors of Ligonier, serves as a teaching fellow, is a visiting professor in the Doctor of Ministry program at the Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies, and has also authored numerous books.

Dr. Godfrey has spoken at many Ligonier conferences. You can find his past messages here, however, below is his message from last year's National Conference in which he reminded us that ignorance is not bliss.

In addition to a questions and answers session, this year Dr. Godfrey will be speaking at one session:

Session 2 — Feet Firmly Planted in Midair

Most students entering college today believe that truth is relative, that what is true for you may not be true for me. In this message, Dr. Robert Godfrey will look at the influence relativism has had on our culture and explore the consequences. He will explain the absurd and self-defeating nature of relativism and remind us of God's call to stand for the unchanging absolute truth of His Word.

We invite you to come and hear R.C. Sproul and Robert Godfrey at our 2013 National Conference, "No Compromise." Register today and save $20.