Aug 31, 2022

Meeting a Global Need for Trustworthy Teaching

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The deep truths of the Christian faith are reaching more and more people around the globe as your support enables the translation of Ligonier’s biblical discipleship resources. We’re pleased to share newly translated resources that are available in a variety of formats and languages:

New Dedicated-Language Website in Japanese

Japan is often considered the largest unreached nation in the world. Our new website,, makes trustworthy biblical teaching immediately accessible to the millions of Japanese speakers in Japan and around the world. The website contains many discipleship resources, including articles, books, links to our Japanese social media accounts, and much more.

A Growing Opportunity for Outreach in India

The Ligonier Statement on Christology, created to help people regain clarity regarding the person and work of Jesus Christ, is now available in six languages spoken in India: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Urdu, and Nepali. India is predicted to surpass China’s population next year, making it the most populous country in the world.

Dust to Glory: Now Available in Farsi

Farsi, also known as Persian, is the language spoken in Iran, as well as an official language in neighboring Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Dr. R.C. Sproul’s 57-message overview of the Bible, Dust to Glory, has recently been dubbed in Farsi. This video teaching series is currently being broadcast by satellite TV into Iran and neighboring countries. It is also available on our Farsi website and YouTube channel.

Surprised by Suffering: Now Available in French

R.C. Sproul’s book Surprised by Suffering has been published in French for the first time, with support from Ligonier Canada. In this classic book, Dr. Sproul offers biblical counsel and comfort for those who are suffering. French is now the fifth most-spoken language in the world, largely driven by rapid population growth in French-speaking countries in Africa. This global need presents a unique opportunity for further gospel outreach.

Four Children’s Books: Now Available in Maltese (Malti)

We are pleased to share that four of R.C. Sproul’s beloved children’s books have been published in Maltese (Malti), the Semitic language of the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. The official religion of Malta is Roman Catholicism, and our publisher on Malta recently told us, “Our hope and prayer is that our Lord uses these books to bring many to salvation in Christ.”

Lessons from the Upper Room: Now Available in Mandarin Chinese

Sinclair Ferguson’s teaching series Lessons from the Upper Room has been dubbed in Mandarin Chinese. The messages are available for free on Ligonier’s Chinese website and YouTube channel, with options for subtitles in either simplified or traditional Chinese script. The study guide accompanying this series is also available for free download.

Explore & Share Our Dedicated-Language Websites

Ligonier is regularly adding translated and dubbed teaching to our websites in Spanish, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Arabic, French, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, and Japanese. We encourage you to share these dedicated-language websites widely so more people can benefit from these ever-expanding libraries of discipleship resources.

You Make Ministry Happen

Your generous support helps translate, publish, and distribute biblical teaching that is grounded in the historic Christian faith, all so that more people in more places may be awakened to the holiness of God. Thank you.