Jul 8, 2024

Help More Christians to Think Biblically

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Where does your mind go when you are not thinking about anything in particular?

Our thoughts may drift to daily tasks, lingering worries, or even idle daydreams. Our minds are prone to wander, and as Jonathan Edwards noted, these inclinations reveal much about our true affections. They can guide us toward the good, the true, and the beautiful, or they can lead us astray.

Every moment, we are being discipled by someone or something—either by the Lord Jesus Christ or by the many voices that oppose Him. Are our minds being transformed by His truth, or are they being hardened in error?

Ligonier exists to help people around the world grow as disciples of Christ. Your faithful support enables us to help men, women, boys, and girls understand God’s Word so they can live fruitful lives abiding in the Lord. Your gift this month will continue this work of coming alongside the church to make disciples. And it will be our privilege to give you a one-year subscription to Tabletalk magazine and a thinline Bible to thank you for your donation. More on that below.

The only way for us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, as Paul tells us in Romans 12:1–2, is to seek that renewal by the study of Scripture. This is what the psalmist and the other biblical authors call us to when they exhort us to study and meditate on the precepts taught in God’s Word.

Our founder, Dr. R.C. Sproul, reminded us that “Probably the most sinful neglect in our lives is a failure to seek the deepest understanding we can possibly have of who God is.” We all have room to grow in this regard, and every Christian needs assistance in pursuing a fuller knowledge of the Lord and all He has revealed.

By God’s grace, Ligonier has always been unashamedly devoted to the Scriptures. We seek to proclaim and teach only what the Bible teaches, not what we want it to teach.

In all that Ligonier does, we direct people back to God’s revealed Word, to understand it better, to meditate upon it, so they may be transformed by the renewal of their minds and live in pursuit of God’s kingdom and His righteousness (Matt. 6:33). Our teaching resources all have one goal in view: to help believers think accurately and deeply about the text of Scripture so that they can apply the Bible rightly and faithfully to their lives.

For more than fifty years, Ligonier has been a biblical discipleship ministry, producing Scripture-based audio, video, and print resources to equip people of every age and at every stage of the Christian life.

One of Ligonier’s premier resources is our monthly Bible study magazine, Tabletalk. Each issue features articles and columns by respected pastors and scholars that connect the Scripture’s clear theology with practical Christian living. Over the course of a year, daily Bible studies take readers through one or more books of the Bible or through essential theological themes of the Bible. By God’s grace, this magazine blesses many Christians in their walk with the Lord and helps them bless others.

One inmate in a correctional facility told us, “I was incarcerated for sixteen years, and Ligonier Ministries sent me years of Tabletalk devotionals. For more than a decade, your ministry proved to be a mighty tool in God’s hand to grow me and provide much aid in ministering to many men by sharing Tabletalk, and developing studies from the magazine and from the Reformation Study Bible.”

We give away nearly 400,000 free issues of Tabletalk every year, and we now make many of the magazine’s articles and studies available online in 16 of the world’s most-spoken languages. Once we’ve begun sustained ministry in all of the top 20 languages, we will spend several decades translating our large teaching arsenal of truth. The goal? To serve billions of souls who do not have access to sound theological resources in their own language. Our vision is expansive, the financial needs are daunting, and your prayerful support is vital.

And the impact is powerful. Suzy from Australia wrote, “I love Tabletalk magazine and find the articles very insightful and encouraging to my faith. I pass my copies on to others . . . as they are so filled with godly wisdom.”

I think you may benefit from Tabletalk as well, so we will give you a twelve-month subscription when you give a gift of any amount this month. In addition, you’ll receive a thinline copy of the ESV Bible that you can easily carry with each month’s magazine issue. Once your gift processes, you’ll also gain access to all the content on TabletalkMagazine.com, which includes more than two decades of timeless articles, columns, and devotionals from Tabletalk.

Your gift will help fuel a movement to equip Christians with mind-renewing, life-transforming truth. Thank you.