Apr 12, 2022

The Greatest Danger Facing the Church Today

4 Min Read

Do you know the greatest danger facing the church today?

It’s not the significant external problems of rising antagonism against convictional Christians in the West or the barrage of lies about gender and sexuality assaulting the rising generation. An even greater danger threatens the church from within. Many Christians don’t know the Bible.

This month, we’re offering a special resource to help believers know their Bibles better. Dr. R.C. Sproul’s complete teaching series Dust to Glory on DVD—containing fifty-seven video messages and more—is yours for a gift of any amount to Ligonier.

Unless we have a firm grasp of the truth that God has revealed in His Word, we will not understand who He is, who we are, or what is the purpose of our lives. More serious still, if people don’t know their Bibles, they cannot have saving knowledge of God. And without saving knowledge of God, they will not have eternal life (John 17:3).

The reality of widespread biblical illiteracy is made disturbingly clear in the results of our 2020 State of Theology survey. Of the self-identified American evangelicals we polled, 46% embrace the unbiblical notion that everyone sins a little, but most people are good by nature. And nearly one in three polled evangelicals believe that while Jesus was a great teacher, He was not God. We’ll release the complete results from a new survey this fall, allowing you to see startling trends in these survey responses over the years.

When a significant number of professing Christians fail to understand essential biblical truths such as the universal sinfulness of humanity (Rom. 3:23) or the deity of Christ (Heb. 1:1–4), the gospel itself is at stake and the church’s witness is jeopardized.

Dr. Sproul established this teaching fellowship to make the deep truths of the Bible accessible to everyone. Now more than fifty years after Ligonier’s founding, we’re following the mission R.C. mapped out for this ministry by proclaiming the mind-renewing, life-transforming truth of Scripture. Using every medium possible and relying on the essential support of friends such as you, we strive to see as many people as possible awakened to God’s holiness and growing in God’s Word through teaching outreaches such as:

Sustained by your prayers and financial support, Ligonier is endeavoring to create the largest discipleship library of biblical and Reformed teaching resources in history. We are doing this work not only in English but in more than forty languages.

Even after the Lord granted us to reach more than 56 million people with trusted Bible teaching last year, our gracious God is presenting new opportunities to expand Ligonier’s outreach in service to more people in more places. I know that R.C. would be telling me that this is no time to pause or slow down. So let’s see to it, together, that people everywhere find relief from the famine for God’s Word that ravages the world.

In our task of international discipleship, one Ligonier video teaching series remains in highest demand: Dust to Glory, Dr. Sproul’s classic overview of the Bible. R.C. called this series “one of the most important teaching tools Ligonier has produced.” Its fifty-seven messages provide a panoramic view of Scripture, helping people to see the unity of God’s redeeming purpose in Christ from Genesis to Revelation.

We want you to have this core Ligonier resource as our thanks for your donation of any amount this month to strengthen Ligonier’s worldwide Bible-teaching outreach. If you already own Dust to Glory, consider requesting an extra copy for a friend to help someone know the Bible better and become well established in God’s Word. You’ll receive the special-edition Dust to Glory series on DVD with its accompanying study guide. Once your donation is processed, the entire series and the study guide will be available in your Learning Library, and you can return to our website anytime to stream each message.

Your gift today will help sustain and expand Ligonier’s Scripture-centered outreach, equipping Christians to better know the mind of God and to think His thoughts after Him. Thank you for standing with us in the fight against biblical illiteracy, knowing that it is the truth of Christ that sets souls free (John 8:31–32).