Mar 7, 2023

God’s People Must Know His Word

4 Min Read

Do you recall the last time you were studying a difficult Bible passage and it suddenly became clear?

Now, there’s a new key resource to help you in your study—Hard Sayings: Understanding Difficult Passages of Scripture by Dr. R.C. Sproul. We’ll send you this book when you support Ligonier this month. More on that below.

There’s nothing quite like finally grasping the meaning of a hard text of Scripture. These moments of insight are a delight to the people of God. While few joys compare with knowing His Word, that understanding often requires hard work. The Lord has been faithful in every generation to provide the church with teachers who labor to help His people explore the Scriptures to have their minds renewed and their lives transformed (Rom. 12:1–2).

In my own studies, I can’t number the times God has used the teaching of Dr. Sproul to bring clarity to a verse that has perplexed me. With his unique gifting, R.C. made it seem effortless to draw out the divinely inspired meaning of sacred Scripture. Better yet, he equipped me with principles to understand God’s Word for myself and to apply its truth in my life.

That is why I am so glad to see the publication of Hard Sayings. You can request this book with a donation of any amount this month. Drawing from some of R.C.’s most appreciated teaching series, this book navigates dozens of the most challenging texts in the Old and New Testaments. Each chapter exemplifies his rare, God-given ability to make complex ideas clear, memorable, and practical.

It’s an honor and privilege to serve at Ligonier Ministries as we seek to advance R.C.’s vision to produce trusted discipleship resources that make the deep truths of the Christian faith accessible to everyone. God has blessed Ligonier, and I believe He has raised up this ministry to help Christians know what they believe, why they believe it, how to live it, and how to share it. We are motivated to push forward.

Ligonier focuses on creating resources to aid people’s understanding of God’s Word because knowing God’s Word is how we know God Himself. We continue to work every day to help people know who God is. As R.C. helped us to see, nothing is more important than knowing God and the fullness of His holy character.

But as we survey the decline in Christians’ understanding of Scripture, we see the true urgency of helping people understand the Word. We should expect professing believers, of all people, to know Scripture best. Yet when nearly half of American evangelicals believe that God changes and most believe that the Holy Spirit is a force rather than a person, as our most recent State of Theology survey shows, then we have a serious problem.

With such bad theology present, how can the church respond to the rapidly changing culture all around us? Widespread ignorance of the Bible within the church underscores the worldwide need for Ligonier’s teaching outreach. As a supporter of the ministry, you’d be encouraged to read the many messages of gratitude we receive from growing Christians in these United States and around the world. God is using Ligonier to assist His people in knowing Scripture.

For instance, we recently heard from an inmate named Brett, who explained, “There is so much confusion within these prison walls on how to properly interpret Scripture.” With gratitude for the resources we sent him, he remarked, “Dr. Sproul’s ability to teach the right approach to knowing Scripture and knowing Christ is helpful beyond words.”

We know the God of the Word better when we know God’s Word better. Ligonier seeks to help people grow in this knowledge every day through every outreach, whether it’s Renewing Your Mind, other podcasts in English and Spanish, Tabletalk magazine, books and study Bibles, conferences and online events, and the millions of words we translate and dub every year into numerous languages.

Your support is essential for carrying out this mission, and we want to thank you for your generosity. This month, you can request your copy of Dr. Sproul’s new book with your gift of any amount. We believe that Hard Sayings is one of the most important resources we’ve produced over the past few years, and we want you to have this book explaining the meaning and application of Scripture’s most challenging passages.

Your gift will make it possible to help more people know the Word of God. Thank you.