Sep 26, 2011

Get Dr. Sproul's Series on Suffering for a Donation of Any Amount

1 Min Read

In Surprised by Suffering, Dr. R.C. Sproul addresses the most difficult struggle in human experience: the problem of pain. He demonstrates that God is involved in our suffering and does not leave or forsake us. Even in times of great suffering we can have a peace that passes all understanding. Dr. Sproul reminds us that the time is coming when the full blessings of Christ’s kingdom will be ours — and our suffering will be finished forever.

This week you can get this CD series for a donation of any amount. Messages include:

Suffering: A Case Study
Suffering: A Divine Vocation
Dying in Faith
Life After Death?
The Resurrection of Christ
What Is Heaven Like?

Offer valid through September 29th. Donate Now.