Jun 21, 2011

Get Dr. Sproul's Series on Providence for a Donation of Any Amount

1 Min Read

Have you ever attributed the events of your life to chance? Have you ever wondered how your prayers can change things if God is sovereign? In The Providence of God, R.C. Sproul explores the way God governs the universe. He shows that God is the paragon of both power and goodness. He reveals that “chance” is actually a figment of the imagination. And he shows how God guides all events without being guilty of human wickedness or destroying human freedom.

This week you can get this CD series for a donation of any amount. Messages include:

What Is Providence?
God Makes It All Happen
God or Chance?
Is God Responsible for Human Wickedness?
What About Human Freedom?
If God Knows Our Needs, Why Pray?

Offer valid through June 27th. Donate Now.