Mar 2, 2011

Get Dr. Sproul's Series on Basic Doctrines for a Donation of Any Amount

1 Min Read

All Christians must be well grounded in the basics of the Christian faith in order for them to grow into maturity. In Basic Training, R.C. Sproul gives a concise explanation of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity in the Apostles’ Creed. It is especially useful for those who have little to no Christian background and need to learn the basic doctrines of Christianity.

This week you can get this CD series for a donation of any amount. Messages include:

What Is Faith?
God the Father
The Person & Work of Christ (Part 1)
The Person & Work of Christ (Part 2)
The Holy Spirit & the Church
Forgiveness, Resurrection, & Life Everlasting

Offer valid through March 6th. Donate Now.