Sep 17, 2018

Free Teaching Series in Your Learning Library: What Did Jesus Do?

1 Min Read

You can now watch R.C. Sproul's video teaching series What Did Jesus Do? for free in your Learning Library.

These twelve messages seek to help Christians understand what Jesus accomplished not only in His death and resurrection, but also in His life on earth. From the incarnation to the second coming, this is a series to remind us of Jesus’ redemptive work on our behalf.

Just log in to your account online or in the Ligonier app to stream the series today. Don’t have an account yet? It’s easy to create one. And when you do, we’ll add this free series as well. Forgotten your password? Reset it here.

The My Learning Library feature lets you keep track of all your digital content and easily download and stream from one place. Don’t forget, whenever you purchase a Reformation Trust book or Ligonier teaching series from our store, or receive one as our thanks for your donation, you automatically have access to the digital version, if one is available.

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