May 1, 2014

2014 West Coast Conference Preview — R.C. Sproul

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Dr. R.C. Sproul is founder and chairman of Ligonier Ministries and the principal teacher on the daily radio broadcast Renewing Your Mind. He also serves as co-pastor of Saint Andrew's Chapel in Sanford, Fla. and has written more than ninety books.

Here's a preview of what Dr. Sproul will be addressing next month at our 2014 West Coast Conference:

Post-Christian Christianity

When the surrounding culture changes, one approach that has been taken by many churches over the centuries is to capitulate to the new thought-forms and change the message of Christ to suit the world. This was true of nineteenth-century liberalism, and it is true in many churches today. In this session, Dr. R.C. Sproul will explain the dangers of following the ever-shifting tides of contemporary culture and call the church to walk in the ancient paths.

All of Dr. Sproul's past conference messages can be found here. However, below is his message titled "The End & Purpose of the World" from this year's National Conference in which he reminded us that the world ultimately exists to make manifest the glory of Christ.

**2014 West Coast Conference
Overcoming the World: Being a Christian in a Post-Christian Culture

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June 6-7, 2014, we will host our West Coast conference in Seattle, WA. The conference theme is "Overcoming the World: Being a Christian in a Post-Christian Culture." Please consider joining Drs. Steven Lawson, Stephen Meyer, Albert Mohler, R.C. Sproul, and R.C. Sproul Jr. as they address modern challenges to the Christian and how we may effectively witness to the truth in a society that seems determined to overthrow every connection to its Christian heritage. Register today and save $20.