What can we learn from the Bible's benedictions and doxologies?

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I am grateful and excited to be doing a series on passages in the Bible that declare the benedictions of God and doxologies that declare the glory of God. These are statements of praise, but they are also teaching tools in the Scriptures. One of the blessed Scriptures in Ephesians 3 that we’ll study is to build our faith in prayer. One in 1 Thessalonians 5 is to call us to holiness and to sanctification. One in Hebrews 13 is an assurance that the great Shepherd will equip us with whatever we need to do His will.

The doxologies and benedictions of Scripture are important for the church to know, to understand, and to embrace because they point us Godward in worship and in dependence on Him in our walk of faith and our obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. They meet us at every stage and sphere of life that we find ourselves in and affirm the sufficiency of God, His grace, His strength, His help, and His greatness for every need of life.

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