Message 7, Ask Ligonier with H.B. Charles Jr. (June 2019):

On June 6th, Pastor H.B. Charles Jr. joined us as a special guest on our Ask Ligonier team and answered your biblical and theological questions live online.

This special online event was streamed live on Ligonier’s blogYouTubeFacebook, and Twitter.


  1. Should the good news be heard with joy or with dread? (1:34)
  2. Can a Christian practice self-defense? (2:40)
  3. How can a Christian deepen his or her understanding of their own sinfulness? (3:37)
  4. What would you say to someone who said using repentance in the gospel presentation adds works to the gospel? (4:49)
  5. What is your favorite book other than the Bible? (5:41)
  6. How do you know if you’re called to be a pastor? (6:41)
  7. What do you think will be one of the biggest challenges the church will be facing in the next few years? (13:18)
  8. What is the most theologically accurate way to answer an atheist who asks the question, “Who is the father of Jesus?”(14:52)
  9. How can I share my faith with the LGBT community? (16:19)
  10. What should I do if my career has become an idol? (18:02)
  11. What people have been most formative in your life and ministry? (20:37)
  12. Does God love everyone or just Christians? (23:11)
  13. What is the best way to grow spiritually as a Christian? (23:52)
  14. Can you speak to the current topic of women as preachers/pastors? (30:12)
  15. Is listening to various sermons each day the same as studying God’s Word? (32:18)
  16. What is the most challenging obstacle you have faced in ministry, and how did you overcome it? (33:51)
  17. Should a layperson attempt to ‘reform’ a church? How do I know whether to stay or whether to go? (40:02)
  18. Is baptism necessary for salvation? (42:43)
  19. Do you think we are seeing an increase in solid expository preaching in the “American church”? (43:31)
  20. Why is expository preaching so important? (45:00)
  21. How can I get closer to God? (47:01)
  22. How do you carry our discipleship and evangelism in your church? (49:30)
  23. How important is it to know what view you hold about the end times? (51:48)
  24. How do you biblically balance your busy ministry life with properly managing your house well? (52:52)
  25. What’s so important about benedictions and doxologies? (55:02)
  26. How should Christians think about racial divisions in the U.S., and how should we respond bibilically? (56:39)
  27. What can I say to my mother who has cancer and thinks that she is going to hell? (1:01:12)

Note: Answers given reflect the views of the individual speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dr. R.C. Sproul and Ligonier Ministries. Here is our Statement of Faith.