How do we balance truth, worship, and emotion?

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If we have a clear understanding of the majesty of God (the beauty of His holiness and glory), our hearts should be on fire to express that with joy, worship, and adoration. Emotion is not a bad thing in worship; in fact, it’s a good thing. But if the mind is bypassed and there is no understanding, then you are talking about emotionalism, not just simple passion or emotion.

We have seen a serious departure from the gravity of sacred worship in our day, whereby people’s minds are almost removed from the process. I think that will be detrimental in the long haul.

This is a transcript of R.C. Sproul’s answer given during our 2015 Pilgrims in Progress Regional Conference, and has been lightly edited for readability. To ask Ligonier a biblical or theological question, email or message us on Facebook or Twitter.