Message 6, Questions and Answers #1:

Dr. R.C. Sproul joined us live via video to answer theological questions from the conference attendees.


  1. How many hole-in-ones have you made? (00:16)
  2. How are you feeling? (1:15)
  3. What do you believe regarding preterism? (1:54)
  4. Are there new types of heresy that we should be aware of in this generation? (2:59)
  5. Do we pray to the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit? (4:25)
  6. How many wills does God have? (5:33)
  7. What is the biblical meaning of the phrase from Pilgrim’s Progress: “You shall find [the river] deeper or shallower, as you believe in the King of this place”? (9:50)
  8. What is theonomy, and what are your views on the subject? (11:12)
  9. What is the path forward for the church in reaching out to the homosexual community in love and compassion while still maintaining truth? (14:28)
  10. What is the difference between Reformed and dispensational doctrine? (17:13)
  11. Why did God continue to call Israel “Jacob” after changing his name? (19:48)
  12. How does Arminian doctrine affect an evangelical’s Christian walk? (22:20)
  13. Aside from financial support and prayer, how can we prepare our hearts for the persecuted church? (25:07)
  14. Where did Lazarus’ soul go before he was raised from the dead? (28:35)
  15. What advice would you give young theologians and preachers? (30:32)
  16. Does God love the wicked the same as he loves the elect? (32:24)
  17. What advice would you give to a person who feels called to street preach? (35:05)
  18. Is Roman Catholic baptism valid? (35:56)
  19. How does the Roman Catholic Church regard Peter as the first pope when the Roman Catholic Church did not exist back then as it does today? (39:04)
  20. How do we balance truth, worship, and emotion? (41:04)
  21. What is the relationship between the Old Testament law of not drinking blood and the drinking of Christ’s blood in communion? (42:37)
  22. Is the fourth commandment still applicable to modern Christians? (45:02)
  23. What books, other than the Bible, have inspired, challenged, and encouraged you? (47:29)