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The Apostle Paul had no question about what it meant to be a Christian: he was “in Christ.” This simple phrase encapsulates the glorious benefits and blessings of the Christian life, and the importance of this expression is underscored by how regularly Paul used it. But many Christians today suffer from an identity crisis, unaware of this truth and how this new identity can reshape every aspect of their lives. In this teaching series, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson explores the crucial meaning of our union with Christ, revealing that being a Christian is far more wonderful than many of us know.

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Union with Christ is Central to the Christian Life

Messages in this Teaching Series
In Christ
Getting into Christ
Dimensions of Our Union
Adam & Christ
A New Creation
Crucified with Christ
Baptized into Christ
Set Free from Sin
Hidden in Christ
Putting Off Sin, Putting On Christ
The Vine & the Branches
Sharing in His Death & Resurrection