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  • When People Are Big and God Is Small

    Book by Edward Welch

    In God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me?” So sings the Psalmist. But quote that to a crime victim or a junior high student and they’ll tell you fear of “mortal men” … Learn More

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  • Let’s Study Ephesians

    Book by Sinclair Ferguson

    If Romans is, humanly speaking, the most impressive of Paul’s letters, then Ephesians is probably the most elegant. In its opening doxology blessings cascade down upon the reader. In its closing verses the smell of the battlefield lies heavily in … Learn More

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  • The Church

    Book by Edmund Clowney

    At a time in which the very word church sounds a tone of dull irrelevance, the doctrine of the church has suffered the studied neglect of many Christian leaders. The persistent demands to market, manage and grow the church and … Learn More

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  • The Christian Life

    Book by Sinclair Ferguson

    Christian doctrine matters for Christian living.” This is “one of the most important growth points of the Christian life,” writes Sinclair B. Ferguson. From this starting point, The Christian Life expounds such key biblical themes as grace, faith, repentance, new birth and … Learn More

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  • The Secret of Contentment

    Book by William Barcley

    William Barcley addresses the heart of the matter — the discontent that lies within. Based in the writings of Jeremiah Burroughs and Thomas Watson, he presents afresh these great Puritans’ meditations on contentment for a modern audience. Above all, he … Learn More

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