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The March 2014 issue of Tabletalk examines the life and work of John Knox and the Scottish Reformation. John Knox might be considered by some an unlikely prospect to lead a reformation in the church, but that time and place required his blunt and uncompromising personality. The Reformation in Scotland did not come without personal cost to Knox and those who followed his call. These men and women suffered greatly for their faith, and because of their sacrifice, the Scottish Reformation had an influence far beyond the boundaries of this small country. This issue of Tabletalk will seek to explain the ongoing significance of Knox and the Reformation he spearheaded in his native land.

Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with Stephen J. Nichols, Sinclair B. Ferguson, Aaron C. Denlinger, Donald Fortson, R.C. Sproul Jr., Gloria Furman, James R. White, Allan Fisher, George Robinson, Tim Challies, John MacArthur, Albert N. Martin, Eric B. Watkins, and Thomas Brewer.

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