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  • What Is the Christian Worldview?

    Book by Philip Ryken

    As we are bombarded by the culture around us, it can be difficult to think according to the Christian worldview. This handy booklet summarizes the basics of the Christian worldview and develops the implications of creation, fall, redemption, and glory … Learn More

  • The Word Became Flesh

    Music by Various Authors

    This album is a musical interpretation and celebration of the incarnation of the Son of God. The biblical narrative from creation through the fall to redemption is retold as familiar hymns, Christmas carols, and new choral pieces are performed, resulting … Learn More

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  • Ultimate Issues

    Book by R.C. Sproul

    What is your view of truth and ultimate reality? Will it stand up to logic and satisfy life’s ultimate questions? Dr. R.C. Sproul guides readers through these questions and more. But he warns, “Ultimate answers to ultimate issues are extremely … Learn More

  • Choosing My Religion

    Book by R.C. Sproul

    What do you believe in? Whatever it is, that is your religion. Religion shapes your loves, ideals, behavior, and goals, but unless you’ve thought about it clearly, your religion may not be worth believing. Choosing My Religion will help readers … Learn More

  • TrueU: Does God Exist?

    Teaching Series by Stephen Meyer

    Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Can we prove the existence of God, or are we left to grapple in the dark and take blink leaps of faith about what we believe? Everyone asks these questions, and … Learn More

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  • April 2010 Tabletalk

    Tabletalk by Various

    The April 2010 issue of Tabletalk looks at how the rapidity of change in our culture has affected many of its institutions, for good and ill. Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with Scott Anderson, Walter Chantry, Andrew Davis, Douglas Kelly, … Learn More

  • Songs From the Prayer Closet

    Music by Larry Hall

    This new album features quiet arrangements of well-loved hymns that focus on the topics of prayer and worship. These cherished devotional songs are delicately explored through meditative, instrumental piano and warm string accompaniment. Gentle melodies and thoughtful settings invite the … Learn More

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  • Where in the World Is the Church?

    Book by Michael Horton

    Many believers have retreated into a Christian subculture where they read books published only by “Christian” publishers, listen only to “Christian” music, and generally stay away from anything that does not specifically call itself Christian. This book argues that such … Learn More

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  • August 2008 Tabletalk

    Tabletalk by Various

    For more than thirty years, Tabletalk has existed as a magazine for laymen. Generally speaking, laymen receive either very little instruction in the weightier matters of the faith, or the instruction is far too academic, thereby making the material largely … Learn More

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  • March 2006 Tabletalk

    Tabletalk by Various

    The theme of the March 2006 issue of Tabletalk is the Fundamentalist–Modernist Controversy of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. As the spirit of the Enlightenment embraced by modernists began to infiltrate churches and seminaries across America, the orthodox fundamentalists rose … Learn More

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  • Abortion

    Book by R.C. Sproul

    In this book, Dr. R.C. Sproul employs his unique perspective as a highly experienced pastor-theologian and a trained philosopher to provide well-considered and compassionate answers to the difficult questions that attend termination of pregnancy. Dr. Sproul strives for a factual, … Learn More

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  • Why Johnny Can’t Sing Hymns: How Pop Culture Rewrote the Hymnal

    Book by T. David Gordon

    Changes in music have affected the way we think, the way we worship—even the way we are able to worship. We are steeped in a culture of pop music that makes other genres seem strangely foreign and unhelpful. Worship has … Learn More

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  • The Disappearance of God

    Book by Albert Mohler

    More faulty information about God swirls around us today than ever before. No wonder so many followers of Christ are unsure of what they really believe in the face of the new spiritual openness attempting to alter unchanging truth. For … Learn More

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