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  • Sammy and His Shepherd

    Book by Susan Hunt

    In Sammy and His Shepherd, veteran children’s writer Susan Hunt takes youngsters on a delightful trip through Psalm 23 from the point of view of a sheep named Sammy. Sammy lives happily under the care of his faithful shepherd. But … Learn More

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  • Preaching the Psalms

    Book by Steven Lawson

    How many preachers know how to preach the Psalms? It must be admitted that noticeable differences exist between the Psalms and the narrative sections of the Scripture. Further, obvious distinctives exist between the Psalms and the four Gospel accounts, as … Learn More

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  • Deserted by God?

    Book by Sinclair Ferguson

    Suffering, failure, sin, illness, loneliness, disappointment. They all come in a seemingly endless variety of shapes and sizes. At times there seems to be no way to turn, either backwards or forwards; there is no light at either end of … Learn More

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