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Mention history and some might struggle to stifle a yawn. But when presented as a narrative it can often be compelling reading. Stephen J. Nichols takes a key period in time, the Reformation, and presents its major players in a fresh way. From Martin Luther, a simple monk who wielded the mallet, to kings and queens, this book goes behind the scenes to uncover the human side of these larger-than-life Reformers. Along the way readers meet Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin, Kings Henry VIII and Edward VI, Lady Jane Grey, Anne Bradstreet, and many others.

For those wanting to see history in its context, Nichols also provides a sampling of primary source materials. It is an engaging read that will remind readers of the foundational truths that can never be taken for granted by the church in any age. Includes numerous illustrations.


Great intro for the laity, a captivating read

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The book has eight chapters covering Luther, Zwingli, the Anabaptist, John Calvin, the British Reformation, the Puritans and the women of the Reformation. He even points out things that are frequently not mentioned or considered in overviews of church history. Nichols decision to focus on lesser known (or misunderstood groups) like the Anabaptists, puritans and women brings people who are frequently lost in the shadows of Luther, Zwingli and Calvin into the light of history they deserve.