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In the year King Uzziah died, the prophet Isaiah saw a vision of the Holy One of Israel that made him understand the horror of sin and gave him a passion to proclaim the hope of restoration to all who would turn from their wickedness. In like manner, if we truly understand God’s holiness, we too will be motivated to flee from evil and to cling to Him for salvation. 

Our understanding of the Lord’s transcendent holiness impacts how we view worship and how we will acknowledge the depth of our sin. In this expanded edition of his classic series The Holiness of God, Dr. R.C. Sproul provides a comprehensive, biblical survey of God’s holy character and demonstrates how the demands of His holiness are met in Christ. 

Messages in this Teaching Series
The Otherness of God
The Holy Place
The Fall of a Hero
Blazing with Glory
The Anthem of the Angels
The Majesty of God
Finding the Glory
Here I Am, Send Me
The Real God
Who Is This Jesus?
A New Perspective
Covering the Shame
A Hard Lesson Learned
The Untouchable
Justice and Grace


Personal Holiness Experienced


The above can be mis-leading for it in no way can be understood to be the product of sinful self-righteous but rather God in his grace ministering to our hearts and recognizing that only He creates desire for holiness.

Thought-provoking teaching.

Maria M.

What an awesome teaching on the Holiness of the Almighty! As Christians, we should yearn to learn everything we can about our Lord, and this teaching on His holiness is must! I loved it so much I also bought the book so I could quickly refer to it when sharing the teachings with others.

Much-Needed Resource

Roy Batterman

Too many messages in our western culture give us the impression that God is our buddy, kind of an extreme take-off on Jesus calling us 'friends.' This much-needed resource dramatically helps us in perceiving God as the Almighty, Holy, Holy, Holy God that He truly is.