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In Surprised by Suffering, Dr. R.C. Sproul addresses the most difficult struggle in human experience: the problem of pain. He demonstrates that God is involved in our suffering and does not leave or forsake us. Even in times of great suffering we can have a peace that passes all understanding. Dr. Sproul reminds us that the time is coming when the full blessings of Christ’s kingdom will be ours — and our suffering will be finished forever.

Messages in this Teaching Series
Suffering: A Case Study
Suffering: A Divine Vocation
Dying in Faith
Life After Death?
The Resurrection of Christ
What Is Heaven Like?


For any who help others with pain or loss

H Groover

As a physician heavily involved with dying or suffering patients & their families, this series is profound & riveting. It is powerful as a tool for: 1) understanding suffering, 2) understanding suffering as a Christian, 3) how God is intimately related to suffering, 4) how ALL suffering has a purpose, and 5) how better to deal with my patients' suffering. Anyone (Christian or not) who is suffering and listens to this will also witness a truly powerful case for the Christian gospel.

The Holy Mystery

Adrian Wait

The Holy Mystery Through God's Grace Dr RC Sproul takes us through the dark night of the soul. This is a truly magnificent journey from the Castle of despair, the testing struggle of pain, loss and isolation when we are 'surprised by suffering'. This is more than a resource it is the comfort of Christ through the encouragement and exposition of a faithful and obedient servant of Christ. I cannot recommend this series highly enough, it is a thoughtful and timely reminder of peace that passes all understanding found in Christ Jesus. This series will be a blessing to you and all who listen to it. It is not a wish projection it is an honest, prayerful, and faithful address into our difficult struggle with the problem of pain. RC is akin to Evangelist found within Bunyon's 'Pilgrims Progress' If we cannot see the Wicket Gate, He points to the light of Christ and affirms the Holy Mystery, the Truth that in time we will witness the defeat of suffering forever. You will be enriched by this faithful journey. Soli Deo Gloria Adrian Wait - England