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The September 2016 issue of Tabletalk will look at the doctrine of the church. Ecclesiology is often neglected by many Christians. Even when the church is discussed, it is framed in traditional or pragmatic terms more than in biblical categories. What is often missed is the relationship between the church and Christ. The doctrine of the church is inseparable from the work of Christ for His people. As a result, Christians cannot afford to discount the Bible’s teaching on the church, because to reject the bride is to dishonor the Groom. This issue draws together pastors and theologians from around the world to help Christians discover the importance of the doctrine of the church by considering how it reflects the beauty and glory of God in Christ.

Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with Guy Prentiss Waters, John R. Muether, Julius J. Kim, Tezar Putra, Allan M. Harman, Jay Bauman, Steffen Mueller, and Robert VanDoodewaard.