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The intense pressure to adopt man-centered approaches to ministry from the world pounds against preachers and congregants alike. We must therefore be exhorted to remain God-centered in our worship and encourage our leaders as they faithfully preach the Word. This collection, featuring lectures from Ligonier Ministries’ annual pastors conferences by Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, Steve Lawson, John Sartelle, R.C. Sproul, and Derek Thomas, is offered to help equip and embolden church leaders to exalt God’s glory in all aspects of ministry.

Messages in this Teaching Series
The Eclipse of God
Target Audience
Narrative Preaching
Expository Preaching
Questions and Answers #1
God-Centered Worship Service
God-Centered Music
Surely God is in this Place
Questions and Answers #2
God-Centered Adult Education
God-Centered Evangelism
God-Centered Mercy Ministries
A Simple Way to Pray