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The October 2018 issue of Tabletalk will address the issue of perfectionism, control, and the sovereignty of God. Scripture repeatedly assures us of the truth of God’s sovereignty and that He is working all things together for the good of His people (Rom. 8:28). At the same time, Scripture does not use this truth as an encouragement for us not to act and take responsibility for ourselves and for our decisions. Couple these truths with our sinful dispositions, the reality of life in a fallen world, and our God-given sense that life was intended to be better than it is at present, and we often find it difficult to balance trust in God’s good plan for His children with our need to live responsibly. We can become too controlling or too passive, too fearful or too carefree, too obsessed with perfection or too willing to shrug our shoulders at what is less than ideal. This issue will consider various issues related to the right understanding of divine sovereignty and man’s responsibility, helping readers to have a more biblical view of what it means to live soberly in this present age without falling into perfectionism or sinful fear.

Contributors include Thomas Brewer, Guy M. Richard, Mike Emlet, Mike Pohlman, Dan Dodds, Paul David Tripp, Matthew S. Miller, Timothy Z. Witmer, Neil C. Stewart, Roland S. Barnes, and Dirk Naves.