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If you are to live faithfully in this world, you need a clear understanding of salvation in Christ. Few chapters in all of Scripture are more important for this understanding than Romans 8. Here, the Apostle Paul presents us with the glorious truths of our redemption and their application for our lives. Throughout this stunning passage, he explains how God freely loves, justifies, and preserves us in Christ to the end.

On September 18–19, 2020, Ligonier Ministries hosted a conference in Dallas–Fort Worth, TX. H.B. Charles Jr., Steven Lawson, and Derek Thomas studied Romans 8, explaining the freedom Christians enjoy in their union with Christ and how we are “more than conquerors” through Him (Rom. 8:37). We also held a pre-conference event with Steven Lawson titled A Long Line of Godly Men, exploring how the doctrines of grace are revealed from Genesis to Revelation and how they have been taught throughout church history.

Messages in this Teaching Series
Foundations of Grace
Pillars of Grace
No Condemnation
The Spirit Is Life
Heirs of God
A Future Hope
The Intercession of the Spirit
Questions & Answers with Charles, Lawson, and Thomas
More Than Conquerors