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The Bible tells the unique story of the history of God’s redemption, focusing on the central character-Jesus. It was difficult for the ancient people of Israel to put their faith and hope in a Messiah who would not make his appearance for more than a thousand years, so God gave them a series of feasts that provided a hint of the One who was coming. Today, we too must know something about the feasts that celebrate Jesus to truly comprehend that he is the Messiah. Join author John Sittema, and meet Jesus at the feasts!


Rich and Exciting

Timothy Miller

Have you ever taken the time to appreciate how celebrations in the Bible proclaim the glory of our Beloved? This book does a tremendous job of walking the reader through the beautiful portrayals of Christ throughout the Bible. I can honestly say that every chapter filled me with great excitement and appreciation as I realized the perfection and precision of God's plan. Even as I write this, I can't help but grin. I never truly appreciated the connection of Christ and the feasts until now.