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In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul explains that the Christian life is a spiritual marathon, not a sprint. This extensive series addresses many areas of the Christian life. As God continues to work in our lives through the Holy Spirit, He blesses us with spiritual fruit.


Messages in this Teaching Series
Playing for Keeps
Planning to Grow
The Obstacle of the World
The Obstacle of the Flesh
The Obstacle of the Devil
Recalling Our Purpose
Doing the Right Thing (Part 1)
Doing the Right Thing (Part 2)
Being Sure of Salvation
True or False Assurance
Not By Works
The Inadequacy of Profession
Being Sure of the Savior
Faith & Fruit
A Charitable Reaction
A Love that Suffers Long
The Fruit of Lovingkindness
The Fruit of Humble Love
The Fruit of Self-Control
Grow UP!


'Wisdom' in its most loving form for us to hear

George Gongora

I was renewed recently and have been several times in the past, but the world always seemed to suck me back into sin. I now know why with your three obstacles series on the radio. I am ordering everything I can get hold from you because I know now that knowledge and not just love, will help me walk with god, until my glory arrives.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


I am a proud monthly partner and a subscriber to Tabletalk Magazine separately. I do not want to receive Tabletalk and a CD message monthly, because I spend so much time on the new Ligonier website, which is amazing and so informative. Thank you for this current series. And thank you, Dr. Sproul, for your faithful preaching and teaching for the past 40+ years!! Kudos!