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The July 2021 issue of Tabletalk will provide an overview of the Bible’s teaching on the household. Around the world and in every culture, the household has served as the basic foundation of human society. Healthy households are essential to a healthy culture, and unhealthy households create all sorts of societal problems, as even secular research has recognized. To have healthy and right-functioning households, however, we must understand the purpose of the household, God’s rules for the household, and the final realization of God’s perfect household in glory. This issue will consider Scripture’s teaching on the household and provide guidance for helping believers structure their households in a manner that glorifies the Lord.

Contributors include Michael G. McKelvey, Tedd Tripp, Iain Duguid, Robert W. Carver, Mary Beeke, Scotty Anderson, Drew DiNardo, Ra McLaughlin, Camden M. Bucey, Hywel R. Jones, Kyle Oliphint, and Sugel Michelén.